I done filler under my eyes before


I done filler under my eyes before and is time for me to do again, I just moved to Hamburg I was living in NYC so I had done over there and I really like to results, I would like to have done as soon as possible!
I'm a model and I have 28years old so I work with my image

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Hiya Lays, when was the last time you have the fillers done? What kind of filler did you use and what for? In your profession it's almost must, isn't it? Thanks!

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I did over 8 month ago and I did under my eyes for the dark circles

Dr. Ebaa SABRI

Hi We can fix that together if you wish & we can put some fat to stay for long time & avoid the re-injection each year or 18 months This can be done in Paris or Tbilisi as you like Regards

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I leave now in Hamburg, how much this would cost? How long it will last?

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Dr. Ebaa SABRI

Hi For the treatment of dark circle, I prefer always to inject fat according to the technique of Colman & the technique of Tonnard The effect will be shortly after the injection in addition to the amelioration that occurs few months after the injection when the stem cells start to differentiate to fibroblasts (according to Tonnard technique) The injected fat- you will loss 30% after 6 months from the injection , the 70% which stays for long times years & years This can be done simply within 45 min of work & you can return to Hamburg immediately You can come & enjoy a weekend in Paris for example if you wish It will cost about 1000€ Other option; Injection of Hyluronic acid , Restelyne , according to the technique of Borris , it is very good, it lasts for about a year to one & a half year not more It will cost about 800€ I prefer the fat injection Other things ; after these procedures I will advise you some creams to use to ameliorate the dark circle too You must know that the dark circles are very variable & some people have results more than others after treatment but generally speaking you will feel much better but not 100% disappearance Please you can enter to my website dr.ebaasabri.com Contact & send me email or call me if you wish Best regards

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