Hope To Fulfill My Dream


I have a budget of five thousands i had a bbl in Dominican repbulic would never go bk again my fat died im so disappointed and have became and emotional wreck
please help me live a better life and archives my goals my surgery will help boost my job and income i have a budget of five thousands i hope and pray the doctor can look at my case and give me the thumbs up

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Hi Spanishmami,

don´t lose hope, I am sure that you can find a great doctor! Where are you planning to undergo the operation?

Best regards,


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Anywhere I no thier is a great doctor

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Did you contact the doctor Aslani to consult him at least via phone or skype? Here is a useful link where you can choose your city or your country and see the list of transparent doctors (they have reviews, more information) and then the basic profiles that you may also contact: https://www.estheticon.com/surgeons/fat-lipofiling

Good luck and don´t hesitate to write me if you need help,


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