I would like to do lifting or Aptos threads


Hello! Nine years ago I did an endoscopic lifting of the middle zone of the face. Now my face fell again. I would like to do lifting or Aptos threads. What procedure would you recommend for me? What is the price of these procedures and what are the terms? Thank you!

Just started to explore .. I'm interested…


Just started to explore ..
I'm interested in your advice as well as the cost of the operation for me and the timing.
Thank you!

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Hi Tosha,

have obtained your answers?

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I did not receive an answer to my question.
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Dr. Lucian Popa MD PhD

Analysing your face I can suggest you some new procedures for better look. Altos suspension have as result to suspend the face structure. But the evolution is complex involved the muscles, fat tissue and skin. Combined methods laser, HA fillers and threats may improve your aspect. please send a face photo made by other person to show you what can happen. Best regards, Lucian Pops MD PhD Esthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery drlucianpopa@yahoo.com

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