SMAS Face & Neck lift at Formé


Had a SMAS Face & Neck lift at Forme clinic with Dr Vasek . I would highly recommend . The service from both PS & Forme clinic was EXCELLANT .
The clinic was 5* plus.
I felt very comfortable as soon as I arrived , nothing was too much trouble .
I am currently 1 week post op . My pics are before & 2 days after .
I have swelling which is going down each day . It's not painful at all just weird feeling - tightness . I have bruising on one side of face but nothing severe . I have been following all instructions carefully & bought the creams & wobenzym as recommended . I've wore the head bandage quite allot this week , sleep upright too . Thought that would really bother me as normally I sleep in feral position , virtually no pillow but, I'm used to it and slept fine .
I get my stitches out after 10 days . TBH you don't feel the stitches at all it's more the tightness feeling your conscious of .
We arrived in Prague on the Monday evening and did a superior tour in the old town on the Tuesday ( very good) had op Wednesday then went out sightseeing again on the Saturday ( took it easy but felt fine ) it's a beautiful city and a shame to visit and not see it .
Flight home was fine . I put my head bandage on , just out my hood up no one noticed . Just felt better too because of flight pressure .
Oh forgot to mention Dr Vasek advised me to get Botox . Allot cheaper than uk and fab result .
So overall so far so good . Excited to see the final result as it can be between 3 & 6 months I've been told . But, each day I see it looks better.
The price also is thousands cheaper than UK with A1 service .
Hope my review helps & good luck x

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Do you mean you had botox at the same time and that's what we see in the photos - or you've yet to have that done?


With the laser and skin care technology reaching new heights, more and more people are opting for a non-surgical facelift in Dubai.


Your photos look absolutely fantastic btw taken years off you


Could you possibly send a face side view picture at all? Did you have any worries since having the op? Was it as you expected? I’m sure after all this time the results are fab....anyway no worries if you prefer not to send a picture. So looking forward to our consultation in May!!

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Hi , I am
Happy to send you pics , I didn’t have it at the forme though it was done in Poland which was pretty good all round, I’m actually just heading for the forme for my eye surgery today so I can update on the place once I’ve had that done:)


Im getting same procedure done end of june.. is the scarring noticable. Also looking for accomodation

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Sorry for late reply , only just seen these messages . The scarring is hardly noticeable within weeks tbh . X


I’m traveling in two weeks for smas face and neck lift and maybe upper belph also, have decided yet. Did you have your stitches out in Prague or in the uk? If uk where did you go to have it done, my gap has refused, and now I’m worried!

Your pics look amazing, are you still happy with the outcome?

Thanks a million,


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Im scheudled for 27th june.. same face neck n upper eyes ellie...

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Oh how exciting! I hope it goes well for you. Mine is 2nd July.
I’m nervous and worried as my husband does not want me to have it done. Are you having smas?
I will send you some pics after it’s done.


I had dissolvable stitches for face lift remover my own stiches for eyes , if your GP refuses just go to A&E they cannot refuse you

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Oh that’s great advice, thank you!


Ellie , yes still happy , I had it done in Poland which was pretty good ! Good luck with yours , are you having it done at the forme ?


Hi , I went to my walk in centre and they did it . I would however get a letter from the clinic to explain exactly the stitches used and procedure . I had no letter and the clinic will say you don’t need one but it’s allot easier as you could get refused .
Good luck and I promise you won’t regret it . Best thing I ever got done . No one noticed as in having a face lift they just asked if I’d changed my hair or skin products as I look really well ??. People notice there is a change but can’t pin point it . Xx

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Yes that sounds like excellent advice thank you.


Hi trim,

Your pics look really good. Are you still happy and glad to have had the procedure done?

I’m off to Formé July 1st for smas face and neck lift with upper eye belph. Did you have your stitches out before you left Prague or when you got home? I’ve asked my GP to remove mine but he has said no! I’m worried now about where to go.

Your review has made me more excited than ever!


Looks amazing ! What a difference


Hey. Thank you for your feedback. It help to make a decision. I m looking to have a surgery with Dr Vasek. He recommended Smas for the best result. How are you feeling now?My worst fear is the motor nerve damage, but I can see Dr Vasek is quite experienced in those procedures


How much did it cost you?

Dear Trim, thank you very much for such…

FORMÉ Clinic

Dear Trim,
thank you very much for such a nice review and sharing your experience as we appreciate that. We are very happy to hear, that you are satisfied with all the service and great surgical work and professionalism. We kindly confirm that swelling will be going down each day. Wishing you a very good healing process and have a lovely day. With kind regards, FORMÉ team

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