I am looking to get penis enlargement & Lipo


I am looking to get penis enlargement & Lipo. I am 53, 5'10" tall, 219 lbs, in good health, just cannot shed weight. If there is any suggestions on doctors or places that can do both, please let me know.
Thank you.

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Hello CC,

don´t hesitate to contact any of the doctor on this list: https://www.estheticon.com/surgeons/male-genital-surgery/mexico/mexico-city

Good luck,


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What list? I think I am a little lost, can you help me?

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The link I send you is a list of specialists in Mexico City practicing penis enlargement. You can always check out their profile, they may have some reviews and contact information. You can ask for a consultation and see the possibilities of two operations (penis enlargement & Lipo).

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Ok, thank you Annika! :)

Doctor feedback

Dr. Alberto Rosales Ayala
Plastic surgery, Mexico City, Naucalpan de Juárez
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Just do it

Floki MUDr. Ján Pilka 2017-10-18
It's worth it     

If you want to do it, just try to reach or email the girl wich was the manager and book a date, you will see how it will go like super good . Also Prague is a fantastick city .

Registered user HE CLINIC FOR MEN 2019-05-03
It's worth it     

The consultation was dealt with by the Doctor patiently as I had tons of questions with regards to the procedure. The follow up was also very prompt. As I had skipped a meal and went on to catch a flight back home, I... More 

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