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I had been considering Rhinoplasty for many years. Being from London, I had to the opportunity to consult with several plastic surgeons, however I did not feel comfortable entrusting them with such difficult procedure as Rhinoplasty. I felt they were imposing their own beauty images and ideas on me.
Knowing how difficult and tricky the procedure is- I was looking for a doctor who specialises just in Rhinoplasty.
When I found out about Prof. Palma and saw the gallery on his website, I knew that his work really stands out amongst other surgeons. Each result was fully adjusted to the person's face and nothing looked unnatural or overdone.
My first meeting with Prof. Palma confirmed my idea about his work and he spent with me a lot of time discussing the possible results, what bothers me about my nose, what I would like to change but also what I would not like to see as a result. All this was really important for me- to ensure that we are on the 'same page'. Prof. Palma took many pictures of my face from various angles and really took his time to explain to me the procedure. He not only looked at the 'aesthetic' side of the procedure but also functional side (septo plasty and turbinoplasty) to improve my breathing.
At the same time, I felt I had the space and time to think about it and did not feel pressured to make any decisions at the spot.
I decided to proceed with the surgery and I knew that the only surgeon that I could really trust was Prof. Palma.
Two months after my first consultation, I met Prof. Palma again- the day before the surgery - to again discuss the aim of the surgery but also to look at his analysis of the pictures as well as computer simulations. Again- Prof. Palma took great care in explaining the procedure and his analysis was extremely detailed and to the highest standard.
The surgery went very well and the conditions in the hospital were great. Prof. Palma and his team took great care of me and treated me on very personal basis ensuring that I am feeling good at all times. I really felt that Prof. Palma cared for me at every stage of my stay in the hospital (pre and post surgery) and after the surgery he met me to explain how the procedure went and to check how I am feeling- which was very reassuring.
My initial recovery (1 week) was spent in Milan until the plaster was taken off and I did not experience much pain. There was swelling and minor bruising- which is just a normal part of the procedure. After the main plaster was taken off, I was able to return back to London and continue my recovery but also go back to my normal activities. Prof. Palma gave a list of recommendations in regards to the recovery and whenever I was in doubt, he was very responsive and supportive. Because of the swelling my nose was going slightly up and that was a massive worry for me (I just wanted a straight nose that would fit my face), however Prof. Palma reassured me that this is because of the swelling and he was very right about it. The swelling went down day by day and after 1 month, I was thrilled about the result. It was exactly what I was looking for. 4 months down the line, I rarely remember that I had a procedure done- the result is so natural, fits my face perfectly and is exactly what I was looking for.
I can't recommend enough Prof. Palma- he is really the master in the area of Rhinoplasty but also extremely professional, kind and genuine.

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Hi Andrea,

It sounds like a dream really, I can only say congratulation! I would be very interested by some photos if you have them? In any way I am sure that your nose is lovely and I hope that you are going to enjoy it!

Best regards,


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