I will speak cash


Hi doctor,

I always speak cash so I will speak cash. I need serious penis enlargement (length and width) for the LOOK and effect. I am 59 and extremely healthy and muscular and have 15 more years where I can have a little fun size DOES MATTER with women Doc. You know that.
Even if we have to resort to implants do you think you can obtain 3 more CM in length and 4 circumference or more? My penis has a very reasonable size and no defects but I want more. Simple as that.
Kindly indicate the time it could take and how many days I have to remain in India. If it can be done in one or a couple of days or more. Payment will be cash on the spot naturally.
Indicate and detail cost for the whole process and cost of implants. Let’s do it for real !
Having nothing to hide to my wife and to anyone for that matter you can reach me in private message

Warm regards and THANK YOU, JF

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