I had closed rhinoplasty with Dr Vasek at the Forme clinic


I had closed rhinoplasty with Dr Vasek at the Forme clinic in Prague. It was an amazing experience, there was pick up from the airport then dropped back to my apartment all included in the price, the only thing outside the price was flights and the apartment.

The team greet you and get you to fill out forms - there's many forms which are either to do with legal or medical part of the procedure. The clinic then did a full health check on me - blood tests, height, weight, ECG, to make sure everything in your body is working properly, they're very thorough and even gave me general health advice for which I'm grateful!

The doctor, anaesthetist, nurses all were so approachable & friendly. An initial consultation happens with Dr Vasek the consultant, and you discuss the aim of the operation.
A few moments later, you are in the operating theatre. I spent a whole night there, then in the morning was seen again by the doctors - the consultant and the medical doctor, who again offer advice and tips on recovery and what to expect and then I was discharged with all the medications and paperwork too for flights. The nurses are amazing too and never more than a few metres away!

I'm so pleased with the results and level of care that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family! If you have any questions, the Forme clinic are quick to reply and helpful too! Alternatively I don't mind answering any questions either :)

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Hi Passata,
that sounds awesome. How long did you have to stay in Prague? I suppose you had to wear a cast on your nose, did you? Was it removed at the clinic or back at home?
Thanks in advance for your reply and have a good weekend!

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I stayed 5 days in Prague, and wore a cast for two weeks. I removed it at home, i had a warm shower and eased it off with some baby oil, it was still swollen after two weeks, but after two weeks with no cast it deflates.

Hope that helps! :)

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Hi Passata, thanks for the info, that sounds pretty easy with the cast :-) I've heard it may take up to a year for the swelling to come down fully, do you still perform any after care? How long after the surgery are you now btw?

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Yes, they do advise that it takes a year for swelling to totally go, especially around the tip.

I still perform aftercare, it's mostly massaging the nose & moisturisers as the skin does tend to get dry & flaky as the swelling of the nose changes, so the skin gets a little damaged & stretched (easily solved by moisturising & exfoliating regularly).

I'm now 6 months post op, the shape has changed from when I first took off the cast :)


Hi, I am visiting the surgery for the same thing in April... just wondered if you are still happy with the new nose and if it was how you expected?
Could you share photos? :) x

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I'm still happy with my nose! Like Dr Vasek explained to me, there is no such thing as a 'perfect nose', you should work together with the surgeon to achieve a functional and improved nose :) I only mention this as going into the clinic, in my mind I wanted a tiny upturned nose, but on discussing it, an overly ski-slope nose would look fake on my features and face (I have quite an oval face with large eyes, lips etc), and a bigger issue is there's no 'undoing' taking too much of your nose away.

As a result, I opted for a more natural, less curved nose, but do not regret this decision at all :) it's even better than I expected, and makes my face look so much nicer!

I don't mind messaging you photos if you like

Best wishes & good luck!

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
So glad to hear that you are still happy. I am now counting down the days until my surgery with Dr Vasek. Yes if you could provide before and after photos that would be great! X
Thank you so much


Hi I’m travelling next week to have my rhinoplasty performed Iv just found a really bad recent review on Dr Vasek and am having second thought

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Hi Danni... where did you find this review... I am 100% with my new nose and 100% happy with Dr Vasek... he is very set in his ways but he is the surgeon and he knows best... he will be very honest with you in what he feels is right for your face rather than what you want. I am so glad I chose him. We can chat further and I can send before and after pics ? x

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Omg this has is very reassuring thank you so much , would u mind sending me some pics I would be so grateful ❤️

Dear Passata, thank to visiting us. It was…

FORMÉ Clinic

Dear Passata, thank to visiting us. It was our pleasure to meeting you. We wish you a quick and smooth healing! Best regrdas,
Formé clinic

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Thank you all so much, it's healed amazingly! I can't thank you enough :) all the best!

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