Think long and hard before Macrolane

Think long and hard before Macrolane


I had this procedure 2 and a half years ago to increase volume and avoid surgury. It looked great directly after surgery but when the initial swelling went down i unfortunately didnt need to upgrade from my Acup as my bra size didnt change. It is a thick substance and I still have remnemts like stoney lumps in my breasts. Best for body contoring I would say. I need to have a scan as detection of new breast lumps is severly impaired, I could have several new lumps but wouldn't know. I also cannot have implants now as long as this substance remains in my system. Think long and hard about it,I wish I had just gone for strait forward surgery. There are also questions as to wether it interups breast tissue and function on breast feeding also.

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Excellent results!

Suzimb Dr. Filippo Cambria 2012-11-11
It's worth it

All perfect! Couldn\'t have asked for anything better! 

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