I had hymenoplasty today


I had hymenoplasty today? Can someone tell me if the procedure is done correctly? And what is aftercare? Am i allowed to seat ore not? Thank you

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where did you do it and how much cost ?
ask your doctor for procedures

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It cost me 450€, i have done in Albania

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Dear Tika,
your operating surgeon should advise on the aftercare, did you ask him what to do?
Regards, Veronika

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Yes, i have follow all the doctor advises but i am afraid about the results, my weding night is after 4 weeks, and i can’t go to doctor again

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Your Hymenoplasty has been performed, though not as we would like to do it. However, you need to wait at least 3-4 weeks with such a hymenoplasty, before you can see the final results. You can sit, however, you need to be very careful for a few weeks, since with such a hymenoplasty, there is likelihood of stitches giving away or breaking. You should call your doctor or clinic if you cannot visit and ask for the proper post-operative care and instructions. I wonder, why these were not given to you when you left the clinic. All the best.


Hi Tika, I'm working on a piece on hymenoplasty for the BBC. I'd love to know more about your procedure. Is there any chance you'd be up for talking to me? My email address is XXXXXXX

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