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I would like to know more about hand surgery? 

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Hi, have you ever consulted any surgeon in person? I guess this is the best option how to get more information. What country are you from? Take a look here and make an inquiry by a surgeon you like: https://www.estheticon.com/surgeons/hand-surgery
Wish you good luck! Veronika

Dr. Gor Amirbekyan

What are u interested in?? What kind of problem do you have

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Registered user 2018-05-24
It's worth it

He is a profissional surgeon of reconstruction surgery

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Mr. Molnar 2018-10-09
It's worth it

I cut my forefinger quite deep thus my nerve was also affected. However, Dr. Patzelt took his time for an 45 min. minimal invasive surgery and saved my nerve. I got 10 stitches on the surface not sure though about how ma... More 

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