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Hello, I had an FUE hair transplant which provide excellent service, good technology and also a very nice price for their good reputation.
They have implanted 3500 grafts at the Dr. Emrah cinik hair transplant clinic. The whole staff were very polite, clean and having much time for patient but the surgery has little pain in begin and then everything going painless.
The reason I selected Dr Emrah after my one year research was that he had good educational background with excellent experience and the price was good as well and very important that he answered all my questions before HT.
I was around 9 pm in Istanbul but the transport was on time they bring me to the hotel where everything was planed as well and next day was my hair transplant and now I am looking to see good result soon.
Few things which I really like in this clinic:
1, clean environment
2, respect for your privacy
3, good communication between you and staff
4, excellent assistant during your stay (transport, Hotel, operation time…)
5, after HT take good care and answering your all question if you concern about it.

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Hello, how long after the surgery r u now and how long did it take you to see the result? Thx and best wishes, Veronika

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Yes, why no result (donor and recipient area) after 1 year? Maybe it was not so great as expected.. And what if your hair loss will progress? Are there any grafts left in the donor area? Did you also go on medical therapy? Was there any long-term plan???

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Hello there,

the forum is to share the experience, not to questioning the reviews really, I have just seen several of your comments beneath the reviews which are very much the same...

It is very welcome to ask questions but why to question writer's satisfation first...

Have a nice day, Michaela

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Be’ in effetti non ci sono testimonianze a distanza di un anno e più . GOOGLE TRANSL: Well in fact there are no testimonies after one year or more.

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Visitors are likely to review the treatment in a very short period afterwards, then if they are happy they do not have any reason why coming back to review it later on, they are happy they solved their problem. It is like that with other treatments as well.

In my experience only those really unhappy or super happy coming back after a while updating the review with new pictures and details...

Doctors could not afford to proceed any not working treatment, it would ruin their reputation and living.


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Io aggiornerò il mio report fino alla fine.

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