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First i have to say the nurses and reception staff were second to none, really nice and helpful. I have written a few times since my procedures and have always received a response.
First the neck liposuction, my face looks much better but although i had and still am following the instructions its not as good as i had hoped i have a odd looking patch right under my chin.
The removal of my bags under my eyes is fantastic really great absolutely no complains what so ever. My upper eye lids is sadly another story i have been left with a scare on my right eye thst looks like a huge whitehead, my lids are continually red looking, and i get little spots all the time along the scar line, i hope against all hope that this will stop and the skin goes back to a normal color instead of looking very red all the time. But the scar will not go. I did expect scaring but its a lump not a small scar.
Now to my tummy tuck, after i had it done OMG i was so very very happy it looked fantastic i never expected such great results. Agaun i followed the instructions to the letter after 2 weeks i just had to go to the local hospital due to the large quantities of liquid coming out of my bellybutton, when i took my comptession belt off and lifted my neck to look the liquid just pored out. As it was still early on, this seemed normal, so made sure the belt was on as much as posdible the liquid was so much i had to change many times a day as it seeped through the dressings, through the belt, and onto my tops. Again the prague dr said alls good and its normal not too worry so i was reasured Theis did eventually stop when my belly button healed, great i thought but after that i started to notice that the skin above my scar was getting tighter and a bulge started to appear this has not improved i was told by the doctor (in Prague) to watch my weight at first i thought ok msybe. Since that advixe believe me my diet is healthy and not one bit of unhealthy food has passed my lips even before that, i didnt eat incorrectly as i was so thrilled i didnt want to jeopardize the fantastic results one bit. But last wedk i just had to go back to my drs here the buldge has not gone. It goes down when i wear the compression belt but not away a very hard buldge which after 3 months really shouldn't be the case but it never goes aeay. My dr here serms to think it's fluid and on monday i have to have a scan. If this is the case i am told it may involve another operation as in these cases the fluid will always come back.
Its such a shame as i was so very happy with the initial result so much so i intended to go bavk to do stage 2 and even sent 2 friends there.
We will see on monday. A possible revisit maybe on the cards as my dr advised me thst here in germany my insurance company may refuse me care. And thus will not go without medical intervention.
After writing this, please do not think that i blaim the surgeon, i believe these things can happen, and do, this is my body reacting to the operation, i have read so much about what i am going through and its not the norm, but i think its important to give all the facts as thry are. For those still thinking about it. You cant criticize the work all thr drs do these things happen, there are risks. But this clinic has treated me eith respect and caring ling after they received the cash, done the work and waved goodbye. Thst in my opinion shows how invested they are in every client that walks through their doors.
I can only recommend them. I clicked not sure as my journey as yet to end, but again this does not reflect on their work or the initial results (apart from my upper eye lids) this is about how my body has reacted to the surgery, nothing more.
Make sure you are fit, make sure you follow their advice, and you probably wont go through what i am.
Good luck

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Dear Neets,
thank you very much for writing your story down. It is exactly as you mention, even a beauty surgery is an operative intervention with its risks and complications and I believe your words may help others realizing that.
The post-op stage is actually much more important than the surgery itself and I am happy you have got your surgeon at the side answering your questions and leading you through the journey.
Having seen and talked to many patients already, I can only recommend you being patient, I am sure the wounds will heal and scars will fade..
Wish you all the best, please keep us updated and again, thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi. i underwent tummy tuck at Forme clinic in Prague last year. After 2 children i decided so because i hated how my tummy looked like. Well everything went fine for me. Very welcoming and caring staff. Everything was explained at the consultation. I had very good feeling about this clinic since i entered. And the result is great, i love my body again. Could not believe i can look so good again:-)

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Hi what surgeon did you use?


Dear Georgia,
I am very happy for you! Would you be keen to share your experience in a separate review: It would be a great help to other patients who are still researching on doctors and procedures.
Thank you in advance,
Community Manager

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HI Goergia, I am thinking about tummy tuck, can i see your before and after pictures? Thank you. J.


Which clinic did you have it done at ?

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FORMÉ Prague. As I say it went really well but I was unlucky with the collection of liquid this is not normal but not the fault of the surgical treatment just happens in rare cases

After my scan I have now undergone another…


After my scan I have now undergone another operation to remove the vast amount of liquid in my stomach area and have now a drain attached fir the past 4 days. This apparently is due to the surgery and the surgeons lack of skill I am told here in Germany. Not sure what to believe now. Bad scaring on eyes funny looking neck and now this. The title was changed by the administration I said my title was not sure.

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Hi what surgeon did you use in Formé please?


Dear Neets, having spoken to our administrators the title you had chosen in the beginning was really "satisfied" however it was now changed to "not sure", is that all right?
Have you talked to your operating surgeon? What does he say? Wouldn't be easier to travel back to Czechia and let him examine you? Germany is not that far away...what region are you from?
Keep us updated, Veronika

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No. I've had another operation here in Germany to remove the vast amount of liquid in my stomach I may go back in the summer to let him have a look at the rest

Ok. Heres my update. Here the drs…


Ok. Heres my update. Here the drs decieded that it woukd be a great idea to open me up again! So they bodged that, i have hardly to no belly button and now the beautiful work done in prague is no longer as nice. The scar on my eye turned out to be a very deep spot so hapoy with eyes, and my chin isnt perfect but loads better.
I can say with 100% conviction that prague did an amazing job. They still write to me and ask how im doing the surgeon has asked me to come back so he can have a look and advise what if anything can be done. In the end i went to another surgon here who told me to do nothing for 2 weeks after he put some cleanibg tablets in the wound as it kept splitting. Again NOT pragues fault. Now its healed but no longer as fabulous as the job thry did in prague.

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