My Vasectomy at He Clinic Bangkok


My story about my vasectomy.

I am a 48 year young white male. I have had wonderful relationships with females who wanted children but for some reason I always put it off. I always said I wasn’t ready yet or when I am more financially stable or other reasons (excuses)

I believe we as a species have evolved to such a level that having sex purely for the idea of procreation for the continuation of our species is unrealistic and certainly outdated.

When I look into this world I see many, many people starting with children for the wrong reasons! Maybe wrong in my eyes. I know there is a tremendous amount of pressure from society, our own families, the media, friends and let’s not forget religions and governments around the world.
I finally took the step to get my balls separated from my penis, well, sort of.
I got it done at He clinic for men in Bangkok Thailand.

The procedure itself was a bit weird. Not only because I work at this clinic myself but also because I was filming it. Video coming soon!

The left side was first and there was no pain, no discomfort wat so ever and so I was elated. I think I have a low, yes low, not high pain threshold and so I was glad that I didn’t feel anything noteworthy or reporting.

On the right side she found a little cyst which made it very uncomfortable, I mean very! Not painful but just very uncomfortable so I decided and the doctor luckily agreed to administer more lidocaine in that region. After that started working she continued as before without any pain, wonderful stuff that is!!

The whole procedure lasted for about 45 minutes and truth be told, I walked home with having taken one paracetamol (500MG).
The next day I was surprised about the lack of pain. Yes discomfort, for sure. I probably could have gone without taking any paracetamol but choose to take some (250MG) anyway as the discomfort is very annoying. I went to work that day.

I was very careful about moving and how to sit but mostly because I was scared that I would hit something and an enormous jolt of pain would go shooting through my body. It never did!

As I said before, I don’t like pain but I also don’t like taking medicine. There is no pain afterwards, none at all, even with my complication of the cyst. I am still surprised about all that.

There is discomfort. A dull, nagging discomfort in your ball sack. I have taken some paracetamol a few times because the discomfort is just annoying and I wanted to get on with life. I also had some bruising, which I never read or heard of before, on my ball sack. Again, not painful, just visible.

After one week I short of had sex again and it was ok. I say ok because I was scared again that with the moving or ejaculation I would feel my balls or something but nothing happened, I mean, no pain or discomfort. I guess I realized I was ok and sex would be part of the menu again.

After one week I have almost returned to normal life. I did my 30 min swimming yesterday and I was fine. I walk a lot and it’s ok as well.

I can still feel it a little bit inside but that should go away in the next couple of weeks. The bruising has gone done as well.
After 2 or 3 months I will get tested to see if everything was successful.

I am not just a patient at He Clinic, I am also the life coach.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Thx Dr. Vee

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