I’m looking for the right price for rhinoplasty


I’m looking for the right price.
My expectations are shown in the photo I’ve attached.

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Dear Ozzy,
Thank you for your message.
Our Rhinoplasty package price is 1,834.- EUR (under general anesthesia) including 1 day Hospitalization.
Please advise when you are thinking of coming to İstanbul for the surgery.
Thank you,
Medco HealthCo
Mobile +44 118 3282230
Whats app +90542 2365547
Skype ID Medco HealthCo


Ozzy, what is the right price for you? Where are you from and do you want to travel to get better price?


Hello Ozzy,
Thank you for your post. We are proud to announce that your operation will be carried out by one of the most experienced surgeon in rhinoplasty who performed more than 20000 successful surgeries and has 20 years experience.
We'd like to give you good price for your nose surgery.
Warm regards,
Basar, Clinichub International Patient Coordinator

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Thank you for your response.
May I enquire about your location and price?
What country?

I am from England (U.K.)
I am prepared to travel within Europe but I feel challenged with the Turkish option as it is far away. Whilst I have been there before I feel nervous about the possibility of complications so far from home.

I will have €2000 budget but I will take 3 to 4 months to achieve this goal.

Many Thanks


Reply to Ozzy

dear Andy

your budget would be enough for the operation itself .

can you Kindly communicate with us via whats app 00447915167720 so we can efficiently reply to your questions much faster.

I hope to hear from you

Reply to Ozzy

Dear Ozzy,
It seem you prepare for your first rhinoplasty.
But if price is important then you should not go for surgery.
Why you decided for this doctor.
Did you see his photos with patients which achieved changes you want for your nose. I searched and i did not find any photo from him.
There is 99% chance you will ask after surgery "why me".
Most likely you may be lucky if nose will be after surgery symmetric.
From my experience nose will be after surgery much wider than is your actual nose.

I don't tell you "get a life be happy with your nose", but i say well ok if are really unhappy with your nose and you find your nose is big problem for you, search for good surgeon and do not search for price, low price most likely means surgeon is unskilled if he dosn't have photos then sure he dosn't have experience = he will destroy your nose with such way , then no surgeon on earth will fix it or in better case you will stay with minor deformation.
High price dosn't mean good result. You must see before and after photos patients they achieved changes you want for your nose.
Most surgeons are money hunters only and they need live object to learn surgery, they sit at home and lead their own "rhinoplasty research" instead of going to rhinoplasty trainings.
Did you even see some videos from rhinoplasty how difficult surgery it is even when very very skilled surgeon perform such surgery?
From photo it looks like you want thinner nose from frontal view, this is difficult but not impossible.
If you are interesting send me private message i will tell you more about this surgery.

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