I had a vaginoplasty and something is not right, seeking help

I had a vaginoplasty and something is not right, seeking help


Hi I did a vaginaplasty also got a hymenoplasty with gshot something is not right 3day from surgery a piece of tissue came out of my vagina then two days later another piece of tissue came out I couldn’t pee after my surgery was very painful I call my doctor he didn’t believe me at all but I hace pic I call my gyn doctor I have to wait 60 day to ck that down there idk what going on but I miss miss my period this month I know I not pregnant cuz I had to get tested done before surgery now I have a discharge light watery like light brown and yellow could someone help me it’s been only 17 days from my surgery

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Hello Katiaaponte81, is it ok now? You should definitely see your surgeon and show him the photos. Have you tried it again?

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Hi Katiaaponte81, you should see your surgeon as soon as possible. If you are not able to contact him, you should consult a gynecologist. We have been doing vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty for over 30 years. It is not painful if you take proper analgesics ( pain killers ), after your surgery. The healing takes place finally in about 3 weeks, so in about 17 days, most of healing takes place in most of our patients. With tissue pieces coming out and light brown yellowish discharge, you should consult your surgeon immediately to rule out the possibility of infection or opening up of stitches. We use a mesh technique in vaginal tightening, so there is hardly any possibility of stitches giving away. If you are able to come to us at Lahore, Pakistan, we can help you achieve your desires. You can read more details on our facebook page CSSC international + and on our facebook profile Cosm Surg. You can contact us directly via facebook messenger or whatsapp.


i am so sorry to hear about your problem, is it healed now? could you tell me where you had your operation so i don't go to the same doctor or hospital thanks Sarah from England Bristol

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