29 year old with 34DDD breasts thinking about breast reduction

29 year old with 34DDD breasts thinking about breast reduction

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I have always had large breasts and am currently a 90 F (European) and 29 years old. I have been experiencing a large amount of back pain over the past several years and it has gotten to the point that I cannot ride on a plan or train for long periods without getting extremely uncomfortable and in pain. However, I am nervous about the scarring both physically and emotionally. I am nervous that I will "miss" my large breasts even though they cause me pain and I do not like they way they look in clothing or in pictures. I am also nervous that I will not like the results, even though I have longed for smaller breasts since I was about 17.

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Hi! You really need to be sure about it. Maybe consultations with few doctors can help you, you will know the possibilites and risks and decide later. Do you have a preffered city or maybe a country where would you like to see some doctors for your breast reduction?

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