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I am not one to leave reviews online, but in the case of Dr. Pietro Palma I feel it is my duty to do so. Having broken my nose several times in my late teens through sport, I had my first rhinoplasty operation in my early twenties with the hope that there would be significant improvement in appearance. Aside from the unattractive appearance of the broken nose, it was also a rather large nose – certainly too large for my face.

Well the first operation – with a plastic surgeon in Vancouver, Canada – did not result in much improvement. Not having any experience with this sort of thing, I assumed I would just go back to the same surgeon and have another operation to make things better. But after the second operation, I gave up. The result did not please me at all, as it seemed very little was changed, and I had lost hope in the process in general. Looking back I see that my biggest mistake was not researching properly to find a good surgeon, and not even considering that a good rhinoplasty surgeon is only a rhinoplasty surgeon – that is, he or she does not have a menu of other plastic surgery procedures on offer.

Fast-forward to today – about 23 years later – and a month after my operation with Dr. Palma, I could not be happier with the result. I have a nose that is just the right size for my face, perfectly balanced, yet at the same time it is not at all obvious that I had a nose job. The final look given to me by Dr. Palma is one of a very natural looking, nice nose. The change in confidence is like night and day, and somehow a great stress has been removed from my life – something I cannot even begin to put a price on.

I visited Dr. Palma for the first time two years ago. After carrying out web research I chanced on his website. Something about the language used to describe his approach to rhinoplasty, the fact that he only does rhinoplasty, the truly impressive before and after pictures of some of his patients, and the exceptional reviews he has received, led me to make an appointment to visit him at his Milano practice.

The first appointment took about 45 minutes. He inspected my nose carefully and we spoke at length about what I was looking for. He then took about a dozen or more pictures of my face from all angles. His approach to the consultation gave me the feeling that this was someone who is a master of his craft and a perfectionist. And I have to stress this point: What was truly unique about Dr. Palma was that you could tell he actually loved his profession, and somehow that gave me a tremendous feeling of security that this was the right person to trust to such a delicate surgery. Dr. Palma was also incredibly kind, always speaking very calmly and listening far more than he spoke. I felt this was a medical professional of the highest quality.

A few weeks after my visit I received per email the visual simulations. I was very happy with what I saw. I felt what he was suggesting was going to be the right fit for my face. At this point I was ready to book, though due to my work and family obligations, it would take two years before I was able to go through with the surgery – which finally happened in early July of this year.
In the days leading up to the surgery I was feeling rather nervous, and the day before, a Sunday, I was truly battling the nerves. About mid-day on the Sunday, however, I received an email from Dr. Palma that said something along the lines of: “I have spent a great deal of time looking through all the images and preparing for the surgery tomorrow. I have planned everything out to the tiniest detail…”

The email reminded me again of the level of professionalism of Dr. Palma, but what was most reassuring were the comments about planning everything out to the last detail. With a surgery as complex as rhinoplasty, where it is such a blend of science and art, it was the kind of thing you wanted to hear.

The next day I arrived at the clinic without having slept too much – again, the nerves. At 7:30 am Dr. Palma came into my room and, with his gift for making his patients feel at ease, I was suddenly entirely comfortable and now looking forward to the surgery. He spent about 20 minutes reviewing with me the dozen-or-more images he took of my nose two years ago when we first met. I was surprised to see how many he had. There was literally one for every angle – side profile, quarter profile, from above, from below, etc. And then there were images that had been manipulated to show how the nose would look if the left side were the same as the right and vice versa, and other images that had grid lines over them – all presumably to give Dr. Palma an idea of how the nose should be reshaped or resettled during surgery to achieve the ideal balance. Following the review of the pictures, Dr. Palma then spent another 10 minutes making a large number of markings on my nose with a pen. Now I was ready for the surgery.

After speaking with the anesthesiologist, I was wheeled over to the operating room. After being given the general anesthetic, the last words I remember before the operation began were those from Dr. Palma, who in his usual calm voice said, “We are just now waiting for you to fall asleep.” Two-and-half hours later I woke up to see Dr. Palma standing over me, explaining, once again in his very calm tone, just how well everything went.

A week later the bandage was removed in Dr. Palma’s office. I could see right away this was an excellent result. I could not have been happier. And now, a month later, the result just seems to keep improving. Over the past weeks the swelling continued to subside, and although it appears as though all swelling is gone, from the reading I have done about rhinoplasty it seems I can expect even more subtle settling over the coming months and beyond.

In short, the result was better than I could have hoped for on all fronts. And for someone who was truly bothered by the appearance of a big broken nose, I can sincerely say this was a real life changer. It is literally as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

On a final note, aside from the look, which was the reason I did the surgery in the first place, my breathing has improved by 80 or 90%. I was informed after the surgery that a great deal of scar tissue was removed, opening up the airways a lot. To be able to breathe this clearly again is also quite a life changer. And yet another unexpected benefit – the biggest one – was that I have not suffered a migraine since the operation. This was not something I had even factored in. I used to get migraines weekly, and some time after the operation it suddenly occurred to me that I have not had a single migraine since the surgery. I did some research on this online and asked a friend of mine who is a doctor, and found out that there could in fact be a correlation between the surgery and the absence of migraines. I then wrote to Dr. Palma to ask him about it, and he explained that the clinical situation is known as a rhinogenic headache, and that he “corrected the endonasal alterations that might cause headaches.”

I think it is clear from the above that I cannot recommend Dr. Palma enough. A huge thanks to him from me for these incredible results.

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Hello and congratulations! The only thing here missing are your photos, would you like to add them? :)

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I will be visiting Dr. Palma for my follow up in an month or two. If we can take some photos and be able ot post them in a way that still hides my identity, I will do so.

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Perfect, good convalescence and looking forward to some more information!

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