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Hi, i am a female and I have hair on my chest and on my breast. I have been suffering from this for over two years now. Because of the fact that I have to remove the hair using shaving sticks or hair removal creams or waxing the hair especially on my chest has left with scars all over . I have dark spots all over. I need to have a permanent hair removal and also remove the scars it has left with me. Can u help? The scars are embarrassing

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the laser can help you to get rid of the hair on your chest, it is an easy procedure. You will have to repeat the treatment several times, but by choosing the right specialist and the right laser you will be satisfied. Here is a link with a little infos about the laser treatment:
on the upper column you may filter the price and any reviews about the hair removal.

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Dr Anne-Aurore SANKALE
Plastic surgery, Dakar
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