Wrinkle fillers to look better not younger just better


I want to look better. Not younger just better. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. My confidence in my appearance is very low.
I feel I have aged badly and look older than my 43 years.
I used to smoke and like a drink so that hasn’t helped.
I cannot have anything drastic like a skin peel as I have 4 children under 10 and as expats we have no support so looking Dreadful for days isn’t an option.
I have thought about Botox or fillers as I want the difference to be natural. I have lines by my mouth and around my jaw that sag that I want lifted.The texture of my skin isn5 good I have old scaring and an oily complexion but that is something I will address later. For now all I want to do is feel happier when I look in the mirror.

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Lorenzo pseudonym 2017-12-19
It's worth it

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