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I am fast approaching my 40th Birthday and want to do something special for myself. I have wanted breast augmentation for many years as I have 3 children and breastfed them all. Now that age is a factor too, I am more determined to have the surgery and have the breasts Iv always wanted. May I add that my place of choice to have surgery is Prague. I hate my breasts the way they are now and cannot bare to look in the mirror at them as they have changed so much over the years (and not for the better). I am a 34c just now but want to go to a full DD. I have been doing much research and have decided I want the B-LITE implants as I am very active, I run and do lifting 5x per week. The thing is I would like the implant size to be around 400/450cc....I am afraid if I go any smaller, I won’t achieve the size and volume I wish to have. I have attached photos so I can hear the opinions of patients who have similar sized implants and from surgeons who can advise me better on what to go for. I am 5’7” and weigh 10st 4lbs.
Any advice would be very appreciated :)

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Prof.Dr. Assaf Zeltzer M.D., PhD, FCCP

If you wish you can send pictures in private for a first evaluation. Best regards, dr Zeltzer

how big an implant would I need to have…


how big an implant would I need to have for bigger and fuller breast, 400/450cc? 

Hi everyone. I have decided I’d like…


Hi everyone. I have decided I’d like breast augmentation since I have breastfed 3 children and have lost upper pole fullness in my breasts and they have also started to sag a little (I’m approaching 40 so might be an age thing now also). I would like to go to Prague and have my procedure done as it’s a city Iv always wanted to visit and it’s much cheaper to have the surgery I want for much less than the uk! Being a single mum, price is important to me but quality is also. I need input as to what clinic/doctor to go for my surgery as the ones that have got back to me have not many reviews and I cannot find them as certified members of any society of plastic surgeons. The quotes were very cheap which set alarm bells ringing too. Has anyone had breast augmentation at a clinic in Prague? Which doctor was it? How high you recommend them and would you say it was worth travelling or best to save and have it done on the UK? Please help as I am so confused as to what to do next.


J xxx

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