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I had surgery on 26th of September. The 25th I spent most of the day undergoing tests which ticked all the boxes with me. Everyone and I mean everyone I came into contact with where warm & professional. The clinic was super clean and plenty of space to move around. The day of surgery I met with Alexander Vatlak my surgeon again who was very reassuring and I felt in safe hands. The theatre team said I was very calm and relaxed and that was because of my peace of mind with Alexander Vatlak. The only problem for me was I am a very fussy eater & was't keen on the food but that has nothing to do with the clinic they don't stock BLT's. If I had to grade from 1 to 5 star I still would go 5 because the food was my problem not theirs. I am more than happy with my boobs. Thank you all for your services.

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