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I am looking for a chest operation for men.

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Dr n. med. Lubomir Lembas

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Lubomir Lembas M.D., Ph.D.
Plastic surgeon

General information for transsexual female to male patients before undergoing mastectomy –
Prerequisite (before the legal change of gender): 1. 18 years old or older; 2. Two independent medical opinions with diagnosis: „transsexual female to male”; 3. Started hormone-therapy.
It is recommended to stop testosterone medication for even longer than the time between two consecutive dozes (one of the methods to prevent haematoma);
Kind of anaesthesia: general anaesthesia;
Duration of the surgery: 3 – 4 h;
Stay at the hospital: 1 day;
Check up appointments:
The 1st postoperative day: general check up, removal of drains (if inserted), dressing if necessary, discharge form the hospital;
After 1 week (very much necessary): general check up, partial removal of stitches;
After 2 weeks (necessary): general check up, removal of the rest sutures (wound is hilled);
After 12 months (optional): final check up;
Any time if necessary;
Commonly available painkillers;
Pressure garment: 1 month day and night
The recovery time:
The early recovery time – 2 weeks;
Coming back to mental work and driving cars after 1-2 weeks;
Physical exercises are not recommended earlier than 4-6 weeks after surgery;
Playing sport after 6 weeks;
No sunbathe of the scar during 1 year;
Care of the wound/ scar:
Do not touch until stitches are totally removed;
After removal of stitches only greasing (commonly available grease ointment);
2 weeks later optional silicone sticking tape or silicone ointment;
Trade offs: mild pain, swelling, bruising, less sensibility of the skin around the scar, scar itself, the mastectomy is irreversible
Surgical complications can occur:
Hematoma - demands extra surgery; fluid collection in the wound; infection - demands antibiotics, drainage; prolonged healing – demands extra check ups and dressings; bad scar; necrosis of nipple areola complex; under-correction; significant asymmetry.
General medical complications connected with general anaesthesia (not listed here)

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