Breast lift results not lasting

Dee Tyler

I paid for what is called an auto augmentation which is more complex than a traditional lift. I was informed that part of the gland muscle is fixed to create more firm and full breast with upper pole.
To begin with, this look was achieved and I was happy. However after just 4 months they had considerably dropped and looked no different to a traditional lift with no upper pole. I complained however was told there was nothing wrong. I was distraught as I didn’t have the upper pole I wanted. Now 13 months the after my surgery they have dropped even further and my confidence is even low as it was to begin with. The clinic does not want to take any responsibility or believe that this is the surgeons fault. On hearing from other patients this seems to be a common opinion as they are not welcome to any type of criticism whatsoever. If I’d known I’d have this result so short lived I would not have bothered. I do not have the outcome that was promised despite what they may try and say and I was not told this could be short lived. This type of breast lift should be longer lasting hence why I opted for it.

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