Successful gynecomastia and refused tummy tuck based on personal examination by doctor

Successful gynecomastia and refused tummy tuck based on personal examination by doctor


Went to Forme Clinic, Prague after months and months of enquiries and accepted offer for male abdominoplasty and mastectomy. Prime goal was the abdominoplasty. Was the required procedure based on that plastic surgeons opinion on my photos. It was a real struggle to take 3 weeks off work being a very busy senior professional.
2nd day arrival was planned for surgery as the rest was supposed to be for recovery before returning to work. On the day of surgery, the wife and I were told that surgeon was off sick and the option was weather I accept surgery by some other doctor locuming in England or have the surgery after 6 days, thus losing the first of the planned 3 weeks, shortening the recovery time. I had to accept the second option. On that day, that surgeon did not even apologise for wasting a whole week. I would have said it was outside his control, but the lack of any remark was quite impolite and non-professional at all.
Then he said I will be last on the list, surgery wouls start around 4pm and will take 4 hours. After that he examined me and said kept changing his mind about the kind of surgery. Said abdominoplasty was not a good option for me but he advised liposuction instead. Eventhough all previous consultations I had for liposuction they said I shouldn't do liposuction as I will end up with saggy skin and all advised abdominoplasty "tummy tuck", I still agreed liposuction as I was stuck with no choice. He said but I'm not the right person to do it as I'm not expert in liposuction and it has unpredictable outcomes, thus I advise you to find someone else to do. I had to agree just doing the mastectomy which requires a much shorter recovery and ended up not doing what I went to Prague for. The mastectomy was not really necessary in my case without the abdominal procedure, but after all this and the deposit I paid, the wasted time off work and flying and hotel bookings (paid already on arrival), I had to do something, so I did the mastectomy only which made my belly look even bigger and funny shaped with a flat chest and slim body as I have been working out and on special healthy diet for 6 years left with stubborn abdominal fat.
Can you imagine this tragedy? He did not even apologise for wasting a whole week then he basically directed me to follow his sense and not doing the procedure I went there for. He probably had to leave early that day and wanted to do a 1 hour job starting at 4:30 pm.
Ironically, the guy he did just before me stayed overnight in the same recovery room had liposuction for his abdomen and mastectomy (what he said he doesn't do) and by this same surgeon (Krizko).
How more indecent and non-professional one can be?

Dear customer, thank you for your…


Dear customer,

thank you for your feedback and let me allow to write you our point of view.
First of all, thank you for your visit, we hope that your healing going well and that you are satisfied with the result after gynecomasty.

Forme clinic providing the first consultation based on pictures through email communication. In the email is also the information that a recommendation can be changed on a personal consultation. During a personal consultation, the doctor examines a client and trying to find a solution based on client s wish, doctor's experience and medical possibilities.
Based on your expectations doctor Križko didn't suggest to make a tummy tuck surgery. He suggested you liposuction of the tummy and recommended another specialist form our clinic who could help you and who will be more effective.
The decision if one surgery is going to be performed is a free will of client and free will of a doctor. When a doctor decides to not perform surgery is also a legal possibility.
We hope that you are satisfied with the result and in case of any needs do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards
Formé clinic

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