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M. Constance

Growing up for me was a difficult experience. My child hood was governed by sustained severe trauma, abuse and extreme bullying at school up until the age of 16 years of age. As a result of this, I have struggled with the ability to feel comfortable with the way that I looked for most of my life.
After 35years of study in Psychology, spiritual practices and personal self-development, I decided that I was going to give myself a gift of renewal and continue along my path of life transformation in a manner that gave me confidence in my personal appearance and image as a professional Education Specialist and Psychotherapist.
At the age of 58 years, I decided to begin looking for a place to freshen up my appearance. I first discovered Chennai Plastic Surgery’s website in 2018, I watched some of their videos and then decided to contact them. Dr.Karthik Ram responded to my email very quickly and proceeded to inform me of the procedures that he could perform in order to help me. He was very helpful and reassuring, giving me expert advice all the time. He advised me that he could support my desires with a Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, and advanced upper and lower Blepharoplasty.
I eventually arrived at their surgery in early 2019 and began my journey. From the moment I arrived, I felt well cared for and supported. Dr.Karthik was familiar with the repercussions of trauma on patients and shared with me some very interesting data.
I was then escorted to Nesty’s well-appointed serviced apartment which was conveniently close to the surgery and would be my retreat for the next 12 days.
My first surgery was a Face Lift, Blepharoplasty and also a Chin Implant, which Dr.Karthik suggested as an added procedure. I was very nervous, as I was on my own, but all the nursing staff and doctors were extremely caring and helpful, which reassured me that I was in good hands.
After this first procedure I spent the first night in the hospital with 24 hour care and support. I was not in pain but felt very uncomfortable. Dr.Karthik and his team were very attentive to all of my needs and concerns. They were very considerate and made me feel extremely cared for through the whole experience.
My second procedure was Rhinoplasty which was completed two days after the Face Lift surgery. This procedure felt a little less daunting, and before I knew it, I was in recovery and receiving extremely proficient post-operative care.
So now once my procedures were finished, it was back to the Serviced Apartments for rest and recuperation for a week.
Every day I was monitored and I felt no pain but only discomfort in wearing the support bandages and splints. After one week, Dr.Karthik and the incredible nursing staff removed my stitches and nose splint to reveal the new me. There was still some swelling and bruising but it was relatively manageable at this point. Every day I would use ice packs to help manage this.
There was some concern for my eyes a couple of days before I left. They appeared to be drooping a little and this was of such a concern that Dr.Karthik and staff performed a couple of other simple procedures to help correct this.
Dr.Karthik is a very mindful and understanding doctor, he is concerned with making sure that his patients are happy and well cared for.
I would recommend that if anyone is thinking of doing any of the procedures that I have had, then do give Chennai Plastic Surgery some very serious consideration.
I am now Resting and still recuperating at home a couple of weeks after returning and Dr.Karthik is in touch with me every second day to make sure that the healing process is going well. He is very happy with my progress so far.
I wish to thank Dr.Karthik and his phenomenal staff and team of doctors and nurses for their expert care and remarkable service. I feel I have a new family now with Chennai Plastic Surgery, after undertaking so much in such a short amount of time. I look forward to returning in the future for any other procedures I may wish to have.

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