My facelift experience diary -week after week recovery


I took the decision to change…..
It was scary, it was time consuming, money consuming, being at rest & not earning ( double dent), not sure of the exact outcome… ,convincing the Indian family where most of your decisions are questioned & discussed saying do you really want to do it….? it was difficult… it was hard…
It was a "Career Marke over" decision for me. I just wanted my firm skin, bright smile and twinkly eyes back along with my self-confidence. I wanted the best surgeon to work on me, and only THE BEST!! And, Obviously my choice was Dr. Karthik Ram from Chennai Plastic Surgery (CPS). The very reason I wanted him to perform the surgery on me was because I knew him for more than four years, witnessed him helping couple of my friends in Liposuctions, fat transfers, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, Age reversal treatments, laser treatments, and giving them the long lasting results.
Whenever I introduced my friends to Dr Karthik Ram, I only heard compliments for him at the end of the treatments. He is a very highly qualified & experienced doctor, who is soft spoken, compassionate, a very friendly human being with zero ego. As I noticed he takes his work very seriously… he researches until he finds the perfect solution… I knew I have chosen a right surgeon for my face.

Once I was convinced about the doctor, his work efficiency, his delivered results date, his qualifications, his experiences, and my faith in him, I spoke to my family. After many debates finally my family agreed saying UP TO YOU…. I was happy at least they supported me… LOL…!! My first victory!!

When I met Dr Karthik, first of all he patiently listened all my expectations. I was told that I needed an
1. Extended deep plane Face lift.
2. Platysmaplasty for my sagging neck
3. Upper & Lower eye lid Blepharoplasty (Orbicularis redraping and septal reset)
4. Fat transfer to lips, nose, cheeks & laugh lines,
5. Submental fat pad excision (Fat removal from lower chin)
then explained me about the procedure, discussing the limitations he helped me in re-setting my expectations, which I felt was good ( no Over promises!!), he suggested few more things to improvise on results, and allowed enough time to get back to him with my decision.

like anyone else even I had a series of questions lingering in my mind..., do I really need it, what if it goes wrong...what if it is THE answer, what if is not.... I was confused between what I need & fear of going wrong, it was more of negatives which weren't helping me making the right decision... but I realised, I either wasn't ready to give up on the thought of “looking best of me again”, Seriously. I picked up my phone again to clear my thoughts, with the expert- of course!!

There were several rounds of conversations & pictures exchanged since there were too many doubts popping up every now and then about the procedure, healing time, expenses, fear of final outcome... I must have really troubled him bombarding a list of questions many nights!! However, Dr Karthik never runs out of patience, he always was there to help me understand it better. .

Finally, after two months of Q&A sessions, I booked my surgery date for 1st of May 2019, I went thru my Mini Face lift. Since the time I booked my appointment I kept reminding myself that " My doctor knows the Best for me", and I put my complete trust in him, absolutely there was no going back, at all!!

On 30th April I went thru an ECG, X-ray & series of blood test, thanks to his friendly CPS staff - they made me so comfortable. I almost forgot my family couldn't accompany me for the surgery. I followed the 8 hours fasting instructions, and next morning I was at CPS at 7. Dr Karthik Ram & Dr Arvind Maharaj marked my face making sure they left no concerned areas unattended. ( at the end of it I almost looked like a tribal lady, LOL)

8 a.m sharp the surgery started, before getting into deep slumber on General Anasthasia I remember seeing Dr Karthik asking me whether am I ready....and just when said yes, I slipped into deep sleep.

I woke up when I continuously heard my name, I was told it was a 7 hour long surgery, and for sure both my arms were numb and just began to pain like hell. CPS nurses came as a boon massaging my arms, as I was getting relieved of my pain slowly I noticed a bandage around my head & chin, but not much of discomforts.
I was given juices , oh loved it so much!! of course some painkillers & Antibiotics, too. I just started sending positive vibes to my brains , Now i knew its only going to be better. I slept well that night.
Next day I woke up and was been offered an assisted head bath, gain CPS has wonderful support staff!! Kudos to the team, i am sure i didn't miss my home..:-) I looked at the mirror, i noticed a smooth skin around my neck, my cheeks & lips looked fuller, i am sure they were good, but swollen too. Met Dr Karthik & Dr Arvind, I was asked to ice & moisturise my face often. I was allowed to go to my room, i was relaxed.
Day 3; walked to the CPS liquid diet face support garment, lip stitches (partly) were removed I was wishing only if I would open my eyes wider it would be better.
Day 4: took bath on my own, had cottage cheese/ paneer for lunch, got compliments from both the doctors that I am a good student following all their instructions properly…. So it was seen in my healing too… (He he he ..its great to be complimented)
Day 5: Alternate stitches of my eyes lower lid were taken off, it was painful, but I knew its going to be over soon. Now I could open my eyes better.
Day 6: I could notice that inflammation were coming down, the redness of my upper eye lid was reducing, my face started to shape up.. may be about 20% improvement -compared to day 2, I knew long way to go. I did have a slight headache and was advised to consume lots of water. Antibiotics & Painkillers were continued till 5th day of surgery.
Day 7 : I was supposed to get all my stitches removed ,but.... ufff, my pain tolerance capacity is too very low... on the scale of 1-10, i may be in farthest Minus...:-( i started screaming on the 4th stitch removal, there were 40+ more to go..... So Dr Karthik decided to put me on anastasia asked me to come empty stomach the next day at & 7a.m ( fasting 8 hours)
there was a friendly follow up call in the evening by Dr Arvind, reconfirming on my fasting instructions and next days appointment. I was thinking a lot about their professionalism and their subtle way of caring their patients. I again thanked my God for choosing them to help me look good.
Day 8 : Yesss!! I was right on time to my suture removal… The Anaesthetic said he never had seen someone coming to him for suture removal…. Hmmm but yes I truly appreciated their efforts to not put me thru pain while I’m healing…. Can I ever thank them enough….!!! I just included them in my prayers….
I have been asked to stay in Chennai till 10th, then I will be travelling back to my city. There will be lots of follow ups & guidance which I am looking forward to achieve my youthful looks. I am sure that I will be properly taken care of.
I have completed 1 week of my surgery, At this point I notice my cheeks & lips are full, neck is smooth, face feels tighter, eyes needs to be settle down. I need to wait for at least 5 more weeks to see my desired out come. Till now, my experience with Dr Karthik, Dr Arvind , & CPS team has been wonderful. I truly wish to thank them wholeheartedly.
I intend to give my 30 days updates on weekly basis, which may help people to take their decision & get served better.
Best wishes to Dr Karthk & Team again….

Week 2 review: From day 8 to 15 the…


Week 2 review: From day 8 to 15 the progress is quite noticeable. I was suggested to do a light massage for 10 minutes a day & keep my facial compression garment "on" for about 12-14 hours, which i am religiously following. Not much of pain, but swelling has to come down on my cheeks, yet, (though I notice more of it in the early mornings). Redness of Upper lid eyes have gone, but little swelling is still there. Under eye stitches need to be emerged, I can see small little tags below my eyes. I am also worried about the tucks behind my ears, both are also supposed to vanish in few weeks according to Dr Karthik Ram. so.... nothing much to worry, all good:-)
yeah...!! I'm looking forward to become better as the days passes by..
will be back with my further developments next week:-) till then....

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your diary is just perfect THANK YOU so much!
would be great if you could add before and after pics, and pics of your recovery, what do you think?

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