I'm reaching my 50th birthday and would like Rhinoplasty


I'm reaching my 50th birthday and would like this done

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Hi Brandy, We do Rhinoplasty totally under local anesthesia, with no hospital stay. Whether you are looking for correction of a broad nose, hump removal, correction of long nose, tip lift or any other nose job, you are welcome to contact us. Results of our Rhinoplasties are highly desirable and there is minimal swelling as compared to conventional Rhinoplasty. There are no complications in our safe hands. You are welcome to call us to discuss your case or schedule a free consultation with us. All the best.

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Andrew, U.K. Dr. Skulavik is fantastic! Excellent work, kind, helpful, and easy to discuss concerns with. She is professional, kind and caring and involved in the whole process which is most comforting and respectable. ... More 

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