I love my BBL and Breasts - operation in Istanbul


I am from Austria and was looking at a brazilian butt lift before/after pics about 2 years. It seemed so far away for me to realise it, as I saw all the great results coming from doctors from South America, mostly Colombia.
It was a spontaneous decision to just check on Instagram with hashtags bbl turkey surgery istanbul, as i knew about the good reputation for aesthetic surgeries in turkey. Thats how i found Dr. Balta. From there it went fast. I called them and asked about prices and how it works and it sounded really good and fair so I just booked.
My surgery was end of September 2018 a brazilian butt lift + breast implant change (I had implants and wished them slightly bigger).

I arrived, I got an assistant, a driver, an appartment, food – everything was organized. They took me from the airport to the appartment, then to the office to Dr. Balta and then back. So nothing to worry about.
The next morning I was driven to the clinic (which by the way looks like a hotel entrance, very modern) and got all check-ups from anaesthetist doctor, blood check etc. They gave the OK for surgery and then it went fast.
I woke up and all was done :)

Dr. Balta and his team:
Dr. Balta, his assistant Esra (speaking perfect German) and the rest of the team are super kind and super professional. I put my hands on this.
They took care of me after the surgery (you get medicine, they check you regularly and of course the nurses are there all the time) I had a total stay of 7 days. They gave me proper instructions for my aftercare when I am back home too.

What did they do:
I got a high-definition laser liposuction for my abdomen and lipo on my back as well. The extraced fat from this areas got „injected“ to my butt. At surgery Dr. Balta surprisingly found out, that one implant I had was cracked, that was the reason why I had about 2 or 3 cm unequal height of breasts, which was not pretty.

People aks me how often I hit the gym as my abs look great now (and I never went before nor I go now tot he gym) :)
My butt looks great as well, in my opinion he did it perfect. I wished for a nice round shape with more profile, but not too big or Nicki Minaj style booty. I get a lot compliments on my butt as well.
So last but not least my new boobs look awesome! They look equal now without additional scars. They are shaped great, I have Motiva Implants. I am totally happy with everything!

I will go back for other surgeries for sure.


Pictures speak louder than words, so I add some before and after pics as well. Go for Dr. Balta you will be happy with him and your results!

Bikini Pics + stomach pic are shot about 6 and 7 weeks after the surgery, where I still was swollen a bit.
The pic with the green skirt is a current pic (shot May 2019) + with kaki shirt is current as well (shot in April 2019).
The collage i screenshotted from Dr. Baltas IG as I did not find a proper before pic.

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Barbora Falcman
Barbora Falcman

Thank you for sharing with us! The result looks AMAZING!!! No wonder you get many compliments :)

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Hi, thank you very much! Yes i am very happy :) and just can recommend Dr. Balta :) Wish you all best on your journey!

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Hi dear!Can i ask u howe was the pain after the operation?

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Hi you look great just wondering what cc did you get for bbl and breast thank you x


OMG! You Look amazing!! Could you share a Price for each operation, please? Actually how much did everything cost? Thanks

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Hi, thank you!
I can't tell the prices for each sugery as I had done all in one surgery, so probably in combination it was cheaper, but you can ask Dr. Balta anytime, his team and him are super nice and give you concrete answers which I cant give you.
But I paid overall about ~6500€.

I wish you a great journey and pick Dr. Balta, he is great! :)


Hey peewee u look great!

Did u booked it with an agency or directly with dr balta?

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Hello, sry for my late reply, somehow i didnt see that i receives a message.

You can book directly wit Dr. Balta and his assistant Esra :)


This is really great treatment and had so great results, but seems a little pain, right?
Here i want to share another butt lift treatment with ems+, vacuums,
can do it at home by youeself easily, and no any risk and pain


Hallo, wow das ist ja ein wahnisnns ergebnis.bist du noch immer glücklich damit? ich möchte genau in diese richtung noch dieses Jahr. Meine Frage: hast du hierzu eine agentur kontaktiert oder direkt den Arzt angschrieben über instagram? LG aus wien


Can I ask how many cc did you get before and after
And your result are awsome 🌸


Thank you to trust us. You are so beautiful, i'll send a message to Dr Balta to have the same surgery :)

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