Wanting to reverse an impulsive rhinoplasty

Wanting to reverse an impulsive rhinoplasty

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Hi everyone

I had an impulsive rhinoplasty done while overseas, which I regretted the moment I woke up from anesthesia. As it goes, I ended up with a cookie cutter, upturned nose that looks nothing like me and it’s affected my life massively.

I immediately could see that my bridge had been flattened, my nose upturned and visible
grafts were places in my nostrils. As the swelling slowly went down even 2 weeks later, I knew too much had been done, but the doctor hid behind the excuse of waiting months to see results.

Im still expecting that the nose will drop since I’m only 2 months post op, but the doctor admitted he’d put grafts in so my nostrils stay raised despite my saying I didn’t want that. And obviously the osteotomies and rasping are not gonna grow back bone with time.

I know for sure that I want to try to have this fixed, as scary as another surgery will be and hope that nothing else goes wrong.

I keep researching what doctor would be best to reconstruct my nose to look like me. I’m considering dr Jay Calvert in Newport Beach or dr Arfat Jawaid in Lahore.

I feel afraid that an American doctor won’t wanna give a girl a bigger, ethnic nose and have their name on it. Is this a valid fear?

Has anyone tried to restore their birth look after a rhinoplasty or have any doctors worked on such cases with success?


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