Excellent results and very caring team - Functional septo-rhinoplasty by Prof. Pietro Palma MD, FACS in Milano

Excellent results and very caring team - Functional septo-rhinoplasty by Prof. Pietro Palma MD, FACS in Milano

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I had rhinoplasty with Prof. Palma on Sept 23 and I’m incredibly happy with the results. My nose used to look big and droopy and I hated to see it on the mirror. Now it looks flawless but also natural and proportionate. My friends and family (which were all against the operation) agree that it looks much nicer. They also say that it doesn’t really change my expression, like it’s still ‘me’, but better.

I am based in Switzerland and was willing to travel anywhere around Europe, so I tried to find the best surgeons by looking at who gets invited to conferences, writes books, etc. I found that Prof. Palma was very respected, invited to speak everywhere and even some other surgeons posted selfies with him on Twitter. From the before/after pics on his website I saw that he also had a sense of aesthetics I liked. Of course, surgeons post their best results on their website, but at least in this case I could agree on what ‘best’ means.

In the first appointment, I could see from the attention in which he discussed my nose that he really cares about his work. His phone rang at some point, and he had the godfather song as phone ringtone, which I thought it was hilarious with him being Italian. After that, I got a quotation, but there were no available slots until quite long in the future. I kept insisting to see if there was a cancellation and finally got a spot. I kind of liked that there was no ‘sales’ pressure (It was more like me insisting) and also to see that a lot of people were waiting to have surgery with him.

Prof. Palma suggested several possibilities for the final look, more or less aggressive, and he suggested settling for a middle approach. I decided to take the suggestion, since he has a lot of experience and oneself may be a bad judge for what looks good in one’s face. I think that was a good decision.

From the day of the operation I can say a few things. I was very nervous, but everything started and ended very fast. I signed some paperwork, answered some questions and then got an injection of something that took all the nerves away. The whole process was also mostly painless. The most painful thing was removing the IV needle, because it was taped to my arm and pulled a lot of hairs. I didn’t even have to take any of the painkillers I was given. The anaesthetist, Dr. Palminello, looked very carying and competent, and must have been good since I woke up feeling quite refreshed, a bit slow but with no nausea, pain or any of the other complains people have after surgery. I was also very impressed with Palma’s assistant, Dr. Padoan, in the way he was asking questions and chatting with Prof. Palma all the time. You could see that he shared the same passion for the job. Also, the nurses from la Madonnina (in particular Ilaria) were very careful and attentive.

After the operation I was told by the anaesthetist that I was very difficult to intubate because of having a small mouth. I knew some family members had similar complications in the past, but didn’t mention it between the nerves and the fact that the discussion before the operation went quite fast. This is some advise for those going to have an operation, It is easy to be intimidated by famous doctors around, but if something may be relevant it’s better to say it and waste their time, than to keep it and risk complications.

The week after was alright. I had a very visible cast and looked somewhat bruised, but nowhere as bad as some pictures in the internet. The bruises took about 4 weeks to disappear completely. On the first visit, Prof. Palma was very excited about the results. I couldn’t appreciate them yet, because I still was bruised, my nose was swollen, and I had a certain ‘oh shit, I can’t hide that’ feeling to all of it. But after a couple weeks, I started to see the final results and feel very happy about the new nose. One thing that surprised me a lot is how accepting everyone was. I was expecting a lot of criticism, but everybody is ‘wow, it came up really nice’.

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