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Hi everyone, I am a man in my mid-20's from the USA who completed my first FUE hair transplant with Dr. Ozlem Bicer in Istanbul, Turkey four weeks ago. After several months of nerve wracking research to find a IAHRS surgeon operated procedure, a clinic with only 1 operation per day, and at an affordable price I only found a few clinics that met my prerequisites. I limited myself to 3 in-person consultations when I arrived in Istanbul.

All 3 doctors I consulted with noted I had a weak donor area on top of a very large recipient area (NW 7). Not very good odds for me lol, but since I have already tried the bald look before and liked it I decided to roll the dice and perform an operation if I was comfortable with the surgeons plan. 2 of the 3 doctors, while very respectable and I'm sure they would do a good job, recommended large amounts of graft implants despite my weak donor area in just one session. One of the doctors also told me that this was the only surgery I would ever be able to do because my donor area was so weak. Not helping my anxiety haha.

I committed to an operation with Dr. Bicer because she far and away stood out from her peers. I have never met a doctor who seemed to so genuinely want what was in the best interests of the patient by asking what my concerns were, considering how I would like my hair to look, and most of all putting forth a reasonable long term plan for success. Dr Bicer was the only doctor who took my age into consideration and noted that my non transplanted hair will most likely fall out in the future as I am still young. She was also the only doctor to recommend a long term plan by not using all of my donor area in one session so that some of it may be preserved for when more of my non-transplanted hair goes away. I can then perform another session when my hair has stopped falling out in a few years. She is very methodical and forward thinking.

Now comes the fun part - SURGERY DAY. All of the medical staff were very friendly, careful not to hurt me, and always asked if I was okay. The clinic's general coordinator and English Translator, Ozen, was very helpful whenever I needed a question asked to the staff and is still very quick to respond whenever I have a question over Whats App. Dr Bicer performed the incisions, supervised the extractions, and checked in every 20-30 minutes during the implantation phase. Over the course of the 9 hour surgery, 3400 grafts were transplanted with a very small mm tool so there was very minimal scarring. I was so comfortable during the procedure I fell asleep in the operating chair three times lol.

I was originally quoted 3000 grafts for $4500 USD, but Dr Bicer noted during the surgery that my donor area was stronger than first analyzed so she did not charge me for the extra 400 grafts. I was very pleased with the results at the end of the day and it definitely exceeded my expectations for what I thought possible when first going to Turkey.

2 weeks after the surgery all the scabbing was thankfully gone. It is now 4 weeks since the operation, and my donor area does not look like I went through an operation. I have read from many online sources that shedding will take place within the first month after the transplant. However, I only experienced some shedding and still maintain most of the transplanted hair on my scalp which is a big boost for me :) If you have any questions about my experience please let me know!

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