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One year ago when I was researching a doctor so I've decided for Dr.S  I thought he was an amazing, talented professional. Thats the image that I saw from his Instagram and his website. I decided on him above all other doctors in Turkey. I thought I was making a smart decision by saving my lovely husband some money at the same time as in the uk it would have been very expensive. Turns out now I will have to pay over £8-11,000 to fix this. Anyway... We flew out August 27th 2019 full of confidence and hope that the doctor was the one to fix my nose. At the pre surgery consultation I explained him that about 4 or 5 years ago I started to develop breathing problems such as a frequently blocked nose. I found it very hard to clear my nose etc. Around the same time I started to notice my nose was taking on a bent appearance along the centre length of my nose as it seemed to look curved to the right whereas all my life my nose was dead straight. Turns out I had a deviated septum which was gradually getting worse and affecting the appearance of my nose. I explained to him " I like my long slim nose and dont want anyone eles's nose". He repeated after me "yes, i understand your wishes". I told him to only fix my deviated septum and lift my now slightly droopy nose tip as I wanted to keep my dad's long slim bony nose. I even brought with me 3 photos of my nose to show him how it looked a few years before the natural changes..... Surgery took place and his assistant told me and my husband it was successful. Right from the start I was worried about the shape of the nose under the cast as it seemed to stick out whereas before my nose was straight up and down if that makes sense!. On the cast removal day his assistant asked me. "oh do you like it? , it looks good!, etc. I think I did not want to see the massive change and only saw my straightened deviated septum. On the way home my husband made a short video of me on the ferry When I saw my face I gasped as I knew it was dramatically different and unflattering so I deleted the video. Got back to the Uk and thought its ok and It will settle as his assistant told me this is not your final result. Your nose will change for up to a year so I tried to stay positive. Unfortunately over the first 4 months onwards I knew something wasn't right in the appearance. I noticed that on top of my nose being extremely short it was getting thicker across the lower base. I also had these big visible lumps on both sides of my nose. From there it got worse... I started to notice (it was already there on cast removal day) that my right side especially the tip which appears to have a ball now on the end was dipping down and curving out resulting in a hideous distorted smile. As time went by I noticed that my right nostril was visible from my left side profile and has collapsed to some degree. Worst of all I have a massive nose spread when I smile especially. I never had a wide streched smile. My nose before was slim and long. Now lt hunches up(thats the worst thing the hunching up😒) and spreads out showing my distorted nostrils. My nose now is completely uneven and very asymmetric. I expected to see my original nose with a slight improvement not this hacked off strangers nose. My new nose has put my face out of balance and definitely made me look ugly. I have lost all my original nose features. Now I no longer have my dads nose😔 I have a fat, twisted nose which stands out against my small features. I have no choice but to go through the hell of revision and the massive risk again. This should have been my only experience of surgery but now because of this its all going to have to happen again for me. l contacted his assistant frequently over the months.  Regards.

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Ruined nose

Did you ever went to fix your nose to Callum Faris ? I can't find any information of that place. I have to fix my nose too and this would be my 4th rhinoplasty.

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Hi, I had an operation with him last year if you wanted to ask any questions.

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