I had a facelift neck lift, upper & lower blepharoplasty Dr Vasek Forme Clinic

I had a facelift neck lift, upper & lower blepharoplasty Dr Vasek Forme Clinic


I had a facelift neck lift, upper & lower blepharoplasty. The surgery was completed by Dr Vasek along with three other people have surgery with him on the same day. You shared a room with two other people. He was very arrogant and told her that she would never look like Angelina Jolie, but would look 10 years younger, which I was happy about. After the operation I stayed in Prague for 10 days, I was concerned that I had an infection (pus coming out) and was told it was normal. When I returned home I had to go to the doctors and had to have two different lots of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. After three months the neck and face started to sag, so I contacted Forme Clinic and was told I had to wait a year to see the full results. It got worse and worse and now I doesnt look any different to what I did prior to the surgery. I have also spoken to two other people who have had the same issue. I have been writing to the clinic for the last 6 months complaining about the surgery and has asked for a refund. The latest response was that I had scaring from the operation and i needed to go back to have this fixed, at a cost to for flights/hotels and the costs of the surgery, general anaesthesia and one night in their hospital. After having an infection for two months i donot want to go back again and is going to take the matter further. I'd be interested in anyone else who has also had the same issues and the two other people that I have spoken to. Stay away from this clinic and find someone that will look after you. I can't imagine if anything went really wrong, as once you've had the operation they aren't interested in anything you get fobbed off. The first two photos are a year after surgery, the next two are six months after surgery. The next three are the infection that I didn’t have and the first one is the day of the operation. The facelift and neck lift look great for 3-4 months and then everything started to sag. I’m very disappointed.

Dear Mrs. Woodley-Roberts, thank you…

FORMÉ Clinic

Dear Mrs. Woodley-Roberts,

thank you for your point of view to your surgery and let me allow to write the information's from our side. We do not really understand the point of the beginning of your review about 3 surgeries per day, or that you were in the room with 2 other persons. When the client would like to have a room privately, it is no problem to pay a private room. To your surgery, you had a facelift SMASS and neck lift with blepharoplasty. Surgery was provided lege artis, without any complications. In final effect of surgery is important how your body is healing, also the post-operative period and how the wounds are treated in post-operative time. Antibiotics need to be used after every surgery under general anaesthesia. Your last checkup was a few days after your surgery, you had a swelling ( which is normal to have a few weeks) without infection. All steps how you need to treat your wounds was explained by the surgeon.

We want to make a natural look after facelift surgeries. The final result is after 1 year ( after completed healed and without swelling), that s why was recommended to wait 1 year, it is a standard after every big surgery.

We are in a touch with you whole time and changed app. 100 emails with you.

From the sent photos we can see a post-op scar in part of the neck, which is a healing problem and not surgical.

It was recommended to make a small surgery in this part for the basic fee of general anaesthesia and medicaments. No charge anything for surgery.

We wanted to help you and communicate with you whole time. I am sorry that you have a negative feeling in mores steps from our side.

We wish you all the best.

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People should be made aware at the beginning that you share a room with other people. I was not made aware of this.

I had the infection when I was still in Prague and was sending you photos, you denied it was an infection although there was pus coming out. When I returned home I saw my GP and was advised that I did have an infection and was given antibiotics.

I also wanted a natural look, but as the photos show which were taken the first photo on day of the surgery, 10 months after the operation and again 13 months after the operation. I started emailing you that I was unhappy with the result in June, prior to then the Face & Neck looked great and have been since then as after having a SMASS facelift & neck lift I should not have the following:

Sagging in the midface
Nasolabial folds
Sagging fat
Loose skin and fat under the chin and jawline

Improved appearance of the skin of my neck.
Loose skin around my neck.
Reduction in wrinkles and lines on my neck.
A smoother, more youthful looking neck.

Post Operation scaring is part of the healing and should not be a problem, unless the scar causes issues. Doing a small Surgery, or a little correction of the neck will not be address the issues listed above.

The photos below speak for themselves, I’ve asked you to provide all of my medical records from the operation and you’ve only provide a summary. I am aware that someone else who had the same operation and issues that I had, when you sent them their notes of approximately 20 pages. She has also spoken to another person that has had the same issues, after 3-4 months every started to go saggy. We can’t all be wrong.

I left the review as I don’t won’t other people to go through the stress and pain of this operation.

The first photo is the day of the surgery. The next three photos are of the infections that Dr Vasek said I didn’t have. The next two photos are 10 months after surgery and the last two are thirteen months after surgery.

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