Labiaplasty, Bratislava, I highly recommend Jozefina Skulavik

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I am extremely happy to have the courage to undergo this procedure. This problem bothered me from the beginning of my puberty. Rather than a physical problem, it was an emotional problem for me. I didn't like looking at myself "down there" and I was ashamed when being with my partner. Women who consider this procedure will certainly understand me. And I understand them. Two months have passed since the operation and the recovery is smooth. I was afraid of a healing phase more than of the operation itself, but Dr. Skulavik assured me that the risks of this operation were minimal when following all the instructions. From the first moment, Dr. Skulavik was very nice and accommodating. After the consultation with her, I was 100% sure of the right choice. The operation took 2,5 hours. She cared a lot about the final aesthetic result and had a great sense for details. After the operation, she contacted me and asked how I was feeling. In cases where I had some questions, she always responded quickly. But there weren't many of them, because she had explained everything in detail in e-mails before the operation.

Healing is individual for every woman. In my case I had pain only on the day of the operation, none from the days after. The only problem for me was the constant itching during the absorption of stitches, but it can be endured :) But definitely do not underestimate it, even if you feel good, the first two weeks you need to be in peace. However, I would like to emphasize that you should consider the choice of surgeon VERY WELL, especially regarding this operation, and do not persuade yourself into low prices. This area is very specific and every woman is different. Not every surgeon can handle this so that the result looks natural. Dr. Skulavik has already seen many botched operations, which she repaired after other surgeons. Just search Google for the information and you will see how bad it can turn out if you choose a surgeon who is not a specialist in this area. I don't want to scare you, but you have only one body, so consider the surgeon who will operate on you very well. I believe that the price does not play a role in this case. I can highly recommend Dr. Skulavik to all of you for her professionalism but also for her human approach to her patients. Thanks to her, I feel more confident and more beautiful, as each of us wants to feel.

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Hey there, i know you said you’re around 2mo post op so i was wondering do you notice any “bumps” or slight “scalloping” along your stitches scar tissue? I’m seeing that it’s super frequent with every labiaplasty but some people say it goes away 3-6 months but some have to get lazer touch ups! Just wondering what your personal experience is rn 2months post op (:

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