Clare Adams

Clare Adams

My Diary 8 days in Prague!!!!Thursday may 21stCan’t believe the day has arrived for me to fly to Prague for new boobs, especially as it was won in a competition it seems so surreal!! After weeks of planning with the lovely Nada on the internet its here! Kids off to school as normal, husband off to work, quick trip to hairdressers then getting picked up in a taxi to go to airport, not really thinking much except I just want to get there and get it done!! Belly seems to be flipping a bit, but am ok. House tidy. Taxi’s here.Arrive at airport to find plane is on time yey!!! Get rid of my bags and go and do some shopping now do I buy new sunglasses or not?Board the plane, cant help but think what a funny little airport Luton actually is, at the moment I just keep smiling, people must think I am nuts lol!! Before I knew it we took off I ordered a drink then we landed as quick as that!!!As I arrive in Prague, I’m just thinking I hope my case is on that carousel, as that’s usually hubby’s job……. My phone rings it’s a Guy called Pavel who is to pick me up from airport he explans what he’s wearing.  ‘Look for Flip flops’, as I go through to departures, I look down at peoples feet oh god they all wearing them, then I see this guy with a really cheesy grin yep that’s him!! He greets me then introduces me to another guy (can’t remember his name) and explains he’s the photographer, oh God my worst nightmare!! I understood I needed pictures taken but not here how stupid do I feel!!!!!!!! Standing under the Prague sign!!!!!!! With a big cheesy grin. Just keep reminding myself that this is all for free and im getting my boobs done for free just to grin and bear it!!We travel to the Apartments they have booked me into it is called the Karolina residence what a lovely place by now its about 7-30pm Pavel asks if I’ve eaten I say no so we go to a local Thai restaurant, before I am taken back to my apartment for some rest before my big day tomorrow. I ring my husband and children feel a bit gutted they are not with me… I run a nice hot bath and try to get an early night easier said than done 3 am im up and wide awake Great I’ve got a busy day ahead!!! Pavel arrives at 7-30am to take me to the ESTHE Clinic in the centre of Prague 1 to meet Mr Libor Kment. What a lovely man he takes a look, umms and arrrhhhhs a bit, then looks at me and asks what I would like I just say back where they belong and a bit smaller he agrees and gets his pen out draws all over my chest ….. The whole time I am being filmed God I hate it, I feel like a piece of meat. He wasn’t too comfortable either and poor Pavel kept apologising…..Mr Kment then realises that I am going for a mammogram so all the art work he has done needs to be removed…… back in the car we go to st Annies clinic the sonographer was lovely she spoke very good English. With all the pre op tests done I head back to Esthe clinic I am absolutely shattered and just want to sleep…….. Everything still feels surreal I cant believe I am here alone let alone having breast surgery!!!!! They take me too my room and say Mr Kment won’t be long. My thoughts turn too my family I do miss them terribly …the room is bright and airy with an ensuite I try to sleep but its no good I can’t. The lovely nurse who spoke very good English arrives and we go to the lift to the theatre. Mr Kment is there ready with his pen in hand he gets the drawing done.Clare and Dr. Libor KmentThen the anaesits arrives and takes me to theatre………. Well this is it!! Still can’t understand why im not nervous! He places a piece of Velcro around my arm and a cannular in my arm and that’s it I don’t remember a thing!! Next thing I am in my room feeling very tired and feel like i have been run over by a steam roller but not too bad!! I remember phoning home but don’t know what I said. I stayed in the hospital for two day’s and then Mr Kment took time out from his day off and took me too my apartment. Its now Sunday, the sun is out I am happy and not really uncomfortable (not enough for pain killers anyway) my husband is arriving at midnight I cant wait to see him it feels like a long time we have been apart, just wish my kids were coming to it only 2 pm and I know there is a little shop 10 meters away so I venture there to get a few provisions.Spend the afternoon sitting on my balcony reading my book ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ what a book. It’s really hot!! So I decide to have a lie down next thing my husband has arrived, we sleep ready for the next day. I am being left alone for two day’s yes!!!! No bloody cameras.We decide to do a little sight seeing Prague is a beautiful city we got over the Charles Bridge and I am quite tired so we hire a little old fashioned car with a driver to take us around and see the sights well worth the £50 he charged. Then we go back to the apartment for a rest after quite an eventful day..Clare 2 days post operationThe next day we have a walk along the river bank and have lunch on a boat absolutely wonderful.. It was a bright sunny if not a bit too hot day, then we decide to do a river cruise. For two hours to see the sights of the river another lovely trip which I would recommend…Interview day final check up before heading home!!! God im dreading this bit!!  Cameras are rolling im doing interviews and I hate it!!! I got to the clinic and meet the cameraman he’s a really nice fella but have decided that I do not want to do this anymore! I don’t like it I just keep reminding myself that it is worth it as my surgeon is a fantastic man and very clever with what he does, and people need to be told how good Prague is for surgery!!!!! Dr Kment seems happy my husband shakes his hand and thanks him for looking after me. We have some photos done; then Dr Kment tells me my post op care instructions quite easy no exercise for six weeks keep dressings on for four weeks, and keep the support garment they provided on for six weeks. Then once I am healed massage, as this is very important. He also said that I will see better results at about three months we leave his office to find the waiting room packed with gorgeous women all waiting for Mr Kment       (he is bit of a looker even my husband commented!) there’s no wonder really as I am very impressed with the way I was treated and the care I received I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone travelling to Prague for surgery as it is only just over an hour away, it is incredibly clean, everyone speaks great English.I can already see I have minimal scaring, and am healing very well.4 weeks post operationAll in all I had a fab experience in Prague and I will go back if I decide to have more surgery done in the future. The Esthe Clinic is right in the centre of everything the shops are amazing the food is great it’s not all cabbage like we think.I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Kment and his team at the Esthe Clinic for giving me my self esteem back, and also to Nada for organising it all and to Pavel for making me laugh and arriving on time!!! Big thanks to For organising this competition.29th June, 2009 -  4 weeks post-opI took a picture of me in a bikini top one that i've never been able to wear before!!!! and also a stapless top without a bra YEY!!!!!!! I have healed brilliantly better than I ever expected, one is a bit bigger than the other but i think everyone is like that arent they? Sars are fading great, I am using Dermatix and bio oil which is excellant for scar reduction not that I have many for 4 weeks post op!!! Big thanks again!!Clare Adams Before and after the surgery the winners of the competition were accomodated in luxorious private PragueCityAppartments providing maximum comfort and absolute tranquility with amazing proximity to the historical centre of Prague.

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You look great,but all that picture taking by Pavel, I would be like 'what' WTF!!

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