I had a sergury in my lips

I had a sergury in my lips


I had a sergury of lips in International estetic clinic. 
13 years ago, I had Here in Israel silicone lip augmentation. The result of the silicone was non simetric and abnormal in it's proportions. After many years of douts and researching of the way and right place . And finaly, I had it in great International estetic clinic while Dr.Op Sem Ozluk himself, was Very clisely involved through the process .
Words won't be appropriate in order to describe my experience as patient. I am 33 years old, have enough former experience with medics and doctors, but I never had such a good experience, such as profesional only competes its high standard of services.
After checking a few options to fix it, my lips, I had chose in International estetic clinic, and there is nothing Better I did im my whole experience. They treat you like a close family member and spend their all efforts for you, by Best advices, Best art work and Best level of service. I will definately will come again, I loved the price, the result and every single person who involved trough the process. As Israeli, that known in its high standard of doctors and clinic in the private section, I was amused and my breath was taken away time after time. Highy recommanded.

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Dear Adiro, I am happy for you! How did you find the clinic? Did you know you wanted the re-operation in Turkey or were you also researching clinics in Israel before?
Thank you for the info and best wishes! Veronika

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