Lip Lift - I decided to do it with Dr Osuch


I have done a lot of research on this procedure and it took me almost 2 years to finally go through with it. I was mainly put off by the scar and fear of making my face looking less attractive. I have seen 2 doctors in London and had email conversations with Dr Osuch clinic. I decided to go to Poland and do it with Dr Osuch. I have seen his results and pictures girls post on the internet and decided he is the one. The price of LL in London is £2000 plus a construction fee which would be £100/£150 what I paid with Dr Osuch was £1000. This is for anyone that wants to know the prices. The price is significantly lower but that was not a factor in my decision - I stayed in a 5* hotel for 4 nights BA flight is not cheap so when all of this adds up the price is very close ( you can obviously do it cheaper or stay just one night). I decided to go with this doctor not because the price was lower but because I believe he is very good specialist and there are not many in Europe that perform this procedure or have a lot of experience doing it.
Morning after the surgery
So last night I started to have a bit of pain my lip is so swollen and hard...btw whoever said use straw to drink after the surgery - it's absolutely impossible because you can't move your upper lip :-) I slept very well last night after paracetamol kicked in. This morning I was a bit swollen I am happy with the results my teeth are showing - perhaps a touch too much right now but I understand this is the swelling. I was 2cm before and my doctor took off around 8-9mm exactly what I had in my mind. I didn't even have to insist on taking off more because from what I understand doctors don't normally want to remove more then 5mm.

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Hello, Anne

thank you for your story, it is very motivating regarding your choice of the procedure, state and the whole preparation for it. It is very true that the whole process can be long and some times complicated. However, your determination and patience make it more enjoyable. Congratulations to you and your doctor, the photos are great and very helpful!
How did our website help you? You had any recomodations from your vicinity?

Best of luck and calm recovery,



great changs waiting for you?

2 days after So I just got home (London)…


2 days after
So I just got home (London) from Warsaw. I slept well last night no pain, I took some painkillers at the airport because I started to feel a bit sore. Still taking my antibiotics (5 days every 12 hours). I am able to eat normally just trying not to open my mouth wide small bites and soft food. Don't bother with soups putting a spoon in your mouth right now is a challenge. My nose is swollen but I don't mind it my nostrils look normal. I am to take my dressing off on Monday but I had to have a little look as it was peeling off and I took some pictures for you guys. FYI - I am delighted with the way it looks.

4 days after Today I changed my dressing…


4 days after
Today I changed my dressing and cleaned the incision gently. I can see it's healing very well. I forget sometimes that I had the surgery and move my mouth too fast or open it too wide. I will try not to talk much and definitely avoid smiling until my stitches get removed. I also measured my philtrum today it's now 1-1.1cm and I was 2cm before. I am obviously still swollen so not sure what I will end up with but I hope the distance will remain the same! I think it's perfect.
I am a little bored now not being able to go out...gym etc Thank god there is Netflix:)
Anyway no pain, healing well I still wear my dressing I think the swelling is almost gone now. I can't wait for the sutures to be removed on the 10th - I think I will post more pictures then.

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Photo - day after the surgery


- My stitches are coming out tomorrow -
It's been almost 2 weeks since I had my LL I am able to eat normally no pain at all I was on painkillers only the first 2 days. My lip is a bit stiff and I had some numbness to inside of my nostrils especially the left one but it has improved dramatically in last couple of days. The swelling is almost completely gone and some of my stitches fell out yesterday! I must be ready! It's still red but if I am honest I can't really see the incision line at the moment. It's looking good I am excited for tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to cover it with a bit of make up soon and no one will ever know I had something done :) I will start using scar serum in 2 weeks I wanted all healed before I put anything on it.

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- Stitches out –
I removed my stitches yesterday. I have no make up on the scar I will not cover it for couple of days. The area is still red and bumpy but I know it will go down in couple of days. I am happy with the way it looks!

- 16 days post – Depending on the light…


- 16 days post –
Depending on the light sometimes the scar is really not that noticeable.

- 20 days post – My swelling is now…


- 20 days post –
My swelling is now completely gone! Tomorrow is going to be 3 weeks since my op. I started using Dermatix today and also ordered Dermatix silicone sheets I will try to wear at night. I think this is my final result now - I obviously hope the scar will fade with time. My philtrum length is 1,2cm I am happy with that! I was obsessing for a bit measuring it and thinking maybe it's still too long-I know nuts! But I really love the final result it's very natural and it's made a positive difference to my face. What I get from friends is-you look really good and I know they are wondering what it is but can't tell! So I am happy with that! I do think my surgeon is amazing! And hand on heart I can recommend him to anyone!

- 4 weeks post – I am still pleased with…


- 4 weeks post –
I am still pleased with my results. I am now using Dermatix on my scar twice a day. I have been so happy with my results I am thinking of traveling to Poland see Dr Osuch for a correction surgery, I didn't want to have a breast surgery abroad but I trust him. I had a surgery 2 years ago and I am far from happy with the way my breasts look now.

- 4 months post – Some people are asking…


- 4 months post –
Some people are asking if my nose changed at all and I am happy to report it didn't. I guess it's because my surgeon didn't cut into my sills, the incision is looking good. I saw a friend today who I have not seen since my procedure, he knew I was having something corrected on my face but I didn't tell him what it was. Today he saw me for the first time after I had my surgery and he said you look different/nice but I have no idea what you had done. We had lunch outside today sitting in the sun and I asked him if he can tell what it was he said no. I guess I don't have to say anything else! My surgery was a success:-) thank you Dr Osuch!

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great comments thanks a lot and I want to compliment your nose! stunning!may I ask where have you done the rynoplasty? thanks a lot

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