What size is the best for my breast augmentation ?

What size is the best for my breast augmentation ?


Hello All,  For me it´s very important, that i will get a natural result (anatomical look effect). That´s why i did choose Motiva Ergonomix Implants.

I am 1,60cm, 53kg, boob cup is around B (small , measurements bust girth is around 80 cm. Just to notice, my breast skin if very thin and shows my chest rips.

I dont´t wanna look later like a “fake doll”, that´s why i did choose small Implants to be save. Motiva Ergonomix Demi under the muscle - 230cc left and 245cc right side (i have a little asymmetry, thats why different sizes).

My concern now is, i´ve been told that Motiva Ergonomix under the muscle will look always smaller. I am really worried that i did choose too small implants.
But the 3D Simulation doesn´t look so small and also the Sizer Bra (Nr 5) didn´t feel so big.

What size would you recommend? Do you think i will get the result of my wish pictures with the implants 230/245cc?

Thanks a lot for you help!

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