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I went for rhinoplasty with Dr. Dinko on the 3rd January 2012 and was totally satisfied with the whole process. Travelling from the UK, I opted to stay with one of the 2 nurses at her home for the duration of my stay. The nurse and her lovely family simply couldn't have been more helpful and supportive, putting my mind at ease every step of the way, providing lovely food, good company and lots of ice-packs! Having a nurse around to check on you every few hours is a huge relief when you have questions and concerns; I would recommend to anyone coming alone from abroad to give you peace of mind. It's also no more expensive than an average hotel in Zagreb. The consultation with Dr. Dinko was superb, as he was extremely patient and took the time to make sure I described exactly what I wanted. In some other clinics I had been to, they promised the world and I was immediately suspicious. Dr. Dinko was clear on what could be done and what could not, and I'm so glad he was honest about what would suit my face as he was right all along! The surgery went extremely well; painless and comfortable. The surgery itself and the operating room are spotlessly clean and tidy. In the recovery room (where I had the room to myself) I was attended by around 5 different nurses and the doctor came regularly to check on me. Dr. Dinko performed the surgery so delicately that I had minimal swelling and bruising and after 10 days the bruising had completely gone. The staff here seem genuinely to care about each patient and are clearly proud of the work they do so strive for excellence each time. I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering rhinoplasty abroad to consider this clinic.

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That is really interesting. I had rhinoplasty with the older Dr toncic and my daughter now wants the same but I was thinking of going to Dr Dinko being younger ! What do you ythink ? Also which nurse did you stay with ? Thanks very much Sue

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