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Hi there, I have found this clinic one year ago when I was looking for rejuvenation procedures. I just wanted to refresh my skin look younger and to be attractive again in my 50s. Well, I found the option for myself which was Thermage.I ve extracted lots of information for my self abt Thermage, but was not sure whether it is worth to do that. Found out that it is popular procedure for our celebrities in the Uk, but the cost was not affordable for me. I am really happy to share my experience with everyone, because I finally went through this procedure but in Prague. After period of 6 month I see the noticeble changes on my face, and I am considering to repeat the procedure this year. It works for me, price is good, and my doc is a professional. Helen Girdlestone

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Excellent results achieved

prathap Dr Karthik Ram 2016-06-16
It's worth it     

Excellent results achieved. Good service n Treatment


Lisa Ulthera 2012-10-08
It's worth it

I went back to work the very next day, and three months later, I think my skin keeps looking better and better! Lise

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