Naked feet after 20 years


Hello, if you are searching a specialist for operations of the brachymetatarsia (to short toe)- Dr.Adem Erdogan is absolutely the right one. I have had an operation for lentghtening my 4th toe proceeded by him and the result is perfect. This summer I will walk at the beach with naked feet-the first time after 20 years. In the time before the op I was very ashamed because of the deformation. 1000 thanks from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Erdogan! Mayla from Italy

Dear Mayla, thank you very much for your…

Adem Erdogan M.D.

Dear Mayla,
thank you very much for your compliment! It is very nice to hear how happy you are now. It was a great pleasure for me and my team to could have helped you. So we all wish you joy and happiness with your new foot!
Good beach walkings as well!

Best regards from Duesseldorf/ Germany,

Adem Erdogan, M.D.
Aestehtic Foot Surgeon
General Surgeon

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