i couldnt have been any happier with the results


Ive just had rhinoplasty surgery with Maciej Charazinski and i couldnt have been any happier with the results. Im from the UK and came abroad here for surgery as i knew it wouldnt be as expensive but i really wanted i good surgeon. I had 1st class service from the time i arrived in Poland cause they picked me up from the airport and took me straight to my hotel. The next day the picked me up for my consultation with Maciej which was definitely a good experience. He gave me a lot of insight into the procedure and what to expect out of it, he made me feel confident from the start that he would do a great job. I was told by the manager Lena before the surgery that he was a perfectionist and very delicate with his work which was also comforting but like most people such as myself you still wanna see if they live up to what they say. After my surgery i didnt feel any pain but my biggest concern was bruising which was to be expected and to my surprise i didnt get ANY!!!! however i did have swelling but thats the norm. When i stayed the night in the clinic the nurse was very attentive and she always checked up on me. Im still currently in Poland now as im writing this 8 days after my surgery and im leaving tomorrow feeling brand new and great! This was definitely a journey i would never forget :) One more thing i have to mention is how great the communication was, i dont know a word of Polish but the majority of staff there can speak English so you wouldnt have a problem. I wanna say a huge thank you to everyone that works there :D :D :D y'all been GREAT!

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dr Maciej Charaziński
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