Botulinum toxin


One comes face to face, virtually a daily basis, with walking warnings of the perils of over-botox (the fixed over-shiny mask worn by many women). I am in my 30′s; this is not (italicised) a look to which I aspire (oh, and I hate needles). So far, so unlikely to choose botulinum toxin. But I’m a frowner (when concentrating), with the result of a deep frown line running halfway down my forehead, just left of centre to the point where it joins my eyebrow. It would look back at me from the mirror like a deep gash, and I hated it. So, on the recommendation of a friend who had had a good experience with Dr Tenorio, I finally decided to do something about it. In the event, after Dr Tenorio had put me quite at ease (both over my fear of needles and shiny paralyzed masks), it was quick, and the needles were about as pain-minimisingly thin as I could have imagined – and the line disappeared! Nobody noticed and life went on with complete normal forehead expression mobility, just without that one deep line.

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Dr Xavier Tenorio
Plastic surgery, Geneva, Gstaad
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Susana Greco Dr Xavier Tenorio 2016-01-11
It's worth it

I am from London and the last 8 years I have done botulinum toxin and fillers there and was very satisfied. But when I met Mr Dr tenorio in Geneva I was more than satisfied. he gives u the right explanation for every tre... More 

Pamela Ribbe MYCLINIC prague 2011-03-11
It's worth it

I had been curious about all of the hype botulinum toxin was getting so when I was invited to a botulinum toxin Party, I thought that was the time to find out. The Clinic is first of all, a clean and beautiful enviornm... More 

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