Are my 2 concern areas normal or will they go away with time?

Are my 2 concern areas normal or will they go away with time?


So I have dreamed of having a labiaplasty for years. I finally got comfortable enough to
Talk to my gynecologist about it & she said she could get it covered under my insurance & she would do it for me. She said she has done multiple of them a year. This is my 1 week 1 day post op pictures & I’m wondering about these little edges around my clitoris that are super sensitive I’m wondering if they are scars or will they go away or can they be fixed or? Also I have this area at the bottom near my butt that is extremely uncomfortable it’s almost like having a hemorrhoid but it’s on my lower vagina. I feel like I’m being pinched or setting on something I’m hoping that also goes away with time.. does anyone know if they will? I’ll post before pictures, & 1 week 1 day post op but I also have daily pictures of progress as well.

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I had my labiaplasty around the same time you did. I’m still swollen and it doesn’t look good. Are you still swollen or are you completely recovered?


Hey! And did it heal correct ly?


Hi, yes this will heal with time. I also had these looking like hemorrhoids bumps near my lower vagina. I am 1 year post op and everything down there is all pretty and healed. ☺️

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