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Best treatment ever! Botox since 2009

SimonaMirica Dr. Ion Zegrea PhD Bucharest 2020-11-02
It's worth it     

Best doctor, best treatment ever! I’ve been doing it since 2009, totally worth it, totally recomend it!

Aplicación de botox si estoy dando de lactar a mi bebé de 7 mss

Anyz Dr. Ignacio Tapia Vargas Sucre 2019-06-03
Haven't done it yet

Experiencia con la aplicación de botox si estoy dando de lactar a mi bebé de 7 meses y q ya está con alimentación complementaria? Gracias

3 operations: Botox, chin implants, filler

Randa Khallad Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-08-13
It's worth it     

One of the best doctors I have ever deal with. He is very professional and I always got excellent results. I recommend this amazing doctor to everyone.

Use of Botox and Viller

It's worth it     

Botox with dr Anas, the body has been modified and refined and the work of Botox and Viller

Injections fillers, Botox in Tunis

Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

The wonderful doctor and artist in Botox, Filler injection, the injections results are very, very, very cool and beautiful ??⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Este o profesionista si o artista

Mihaelas Dr. Ana Luminita Banacu Bucharest 2017-05-29
It's worth it     

Este o profesionista si o artista. Sunt foarte mulțumită de rezultat.

Botox and redermalisation in Prague - bad effect

Registered user Name not published. Why? Prague 2020-03-24
It's not worth it     

I made Botox and redermalisation. Bad effect after, starting from alergie and ending bad Botox effect which I should remove on my expenses. Not recommended

It's worth it     

I have many wrinkles around my eyes but Dr. Valero made it possible to reduce them. Now my eyes look better and younger. I am grateful to him for all the procedures that I have done with the doctor. Always very friendly ... More 

Review on botox - droopy eyelids

Registered user Name not published. Why? London 2018-03-26
It's not worth it     

I was left with droopy eye lids after my botox procedure with Dr. G. Mxxxxk. I know it will go away after some time, but is there anything I can now?

I would like my old wrinkles go away.

zhilart Dr. med. Gunther Arco Graz 2017-01-13
Haven't done it yet

I would like my old wrinkles especially on my forehead go away and prevent any further wrinkes in that area.

I have had Botox injections and want again

Haven't done it yet

I have had Botox injections a few years ago in the USA. I am now living in Germany and am 58. l don't like my wrinkles. They are bad around my mouth, too.

Botox for the forehead

Registered user Dr. Ercan Demiray Istanbul 2015-08-31
It's worth it     

Good experience! Botox for the forehead


Registered user Violeta Skorobać Asanin MD, PhD Belgrade 2018-09-03
It's worth it     

Excellent job.

Cervical dystonia

9001 Roxie Solarte Caracas 2018-08-21
Haven't done it yet

Cervical dystonia ,pain in the neck and urgently need botox injections

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