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More than just physical tratment

It's worth it     

More than just physical tratment. Satisfied with all the whole surgery process with Dr. Stasch

Great result after Breast Augmentation at Very nice Formé clinic in Prague

Naehah FORMÉ Clinic Prague 2019-08-31
It's worth it     

Very nice clinic, good located. They helped me also with accomodation and transfer from and to the airport. I was happy with fast organisation and the result is just great.

Replacement of my breast implants

It's worth it     

The operation succeeded correctly, I thank the surgeon as he is a very good person. Congratulations to the clinic and a thank you to all the staff! 

It's worth it     

Ovom prilikom da se još jednom zahvalim doktoru Dinku na odlicno odrađenom zahvatu. Preporuka svakome da bez ikakvog straha odete u polikliniku dr.Toncic... kratko i jasno, sami ugodan ulazak u polikliniku, profesionalno... More 

Formé breast implants

Ada w FORMÉ Clinic Prague 2018-11-13
It's worth it     

Dr.Benes great job , and nurses brilliant after caring.

It's worth it     

I went to Dr Toncic's clinic in September for a breast augmentation. I wanted only slightly bigger breasts as I have a very small frame with only A cups and didn't want them to look at all unnatural or obvious. I had pre... More 

Haven't done it yet

I am fast approaching my 40th Birthday and want to do something special for myself. I have wanted breast augmentation for many years as I have 3 children and breastfed them all. Now that age is a factor too, I am more de... More 

Aumento de pecho, rinoplastia y blefaroplastia

Julys Dr. Ignacio Tapia Vargas Sucre 2018-07-17
Haven't done it yet

Retoque en la nariz me hize rinoplastia el año pasado pero no con buenos resultados tambien quiero la cirugia de bleforaplastia y aumento de senos

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