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Breast reduction in Nairobi by Dr. med. Stasch - Great Job done!

It's worth it     

The process was not complicated, the recovery was extremely good just follow what is asked of you by the doctor. The result is more than fulfilling! Unbelievable good!

It's worth it     

After extensive research I chose Forme Clinic for my surgery. Dr Bennes saw pictures of my breasts and tummy and recommended extensive breast reduction (I was a 38GG bra size), lipo and tummy tuck. The medical team is a... More 

Registered user Dr. Jose Luis Valero S. Tijuana 2019-02-06
It's worth it     

After many years of thinking about surgery, the professionalism and attention of the doctor convinced me to make the decision. Go from D to C. Be delighted with the results (Google Translate from Spanish to English) Desp... More 

Cea mai buna doctora

It's worth it     

Cea mai buna doctora ma voi intoarce cu siguranta si pentru alte operatii estetice.

It's worth it     

Alongside my medical practitioners, I decided to have a breast reduction as part of a number of measures to stop back and neck pain that I've been living with for some time. I have two small children, a husband, dogs and... More 

Happy C-Cup Dr. med. Tilman Stasch Nairobi 2018-03-15
It's worth it     

After many years of chronic back pain and stiff neck I decided to finally take the plunge and reduce by 36G bust to something more sane. I planned to go overseas to get it done until I heard of Dr Tilman Stauch and went ... More 

happy with breast reduction

Abeerali Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-02-20
It's worth it     

I'm happy with the result I got it. Many thanks Dr. Anas

Professionalism and great care

IoanaS. Dr. Theodor Motruc Iasi 2018-01-16
It's worth it     

Professionalism and great care of the pacient. I recommend the entire staff for any kind of procedure!

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