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Mr Malluci - elegant, professional immaculate!

 |  Dr. Patrick Mallucci
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Registered user  |  2018-02-13
 |  London
  It's worth it

I liked him, very professional . Ladies at lunch recommended him as the best eye and breast surgeon. I must say , I am Not suffering with pain. I’m surprised at this, I thought I would be feeling terrible. I feel younger.


Breast reduction information

Dr Jacques Buis
Registered user  |  2017-09-04
 |  Paris
  Haven't done it yet

Hello, I need a specialised surgeon for a (BREAST REDUCTION ). Am kinda scared. Is there any negative infect in the future ? thanks

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I received professional experience from the Laderma

 |  MUDr. Zuzana Černá Ph.D.
elusive Nik  |  2017-04-10
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: €3,070

I received professional experience from the laderma. Team. From my initial contact right thru to my operation and aftercare I was looked after. Dr Cerna was warm an caring and listened to me throughout the consultation. She exceeded my expectation and made sure I felt comfortable and statisfied. I'm... More 

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I had a horrific experience

Anna  |  2015-03-04
 |  Prague
  It's not worth it , Total price: €4,000

I had a horrific experience with clinic. I came from the UK. They use Dr whom they appoited recently despite he has a bad reputation; They sent me back to the UK with a huge infection and necrotic nipple. My condition got worse, so I went as an emergency patient : the wound is open around of nipple ... More 


Completely excellent Surgeon

 |  MUDr. Zuzana Černá Ph.D.
Pseudonym  |  2014-07-27
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: CZK210,000

Completely excellent Surgeon providing a total service that is second to none and truly five star! Dr Cerna and her team are dedicated to the well being and care of their patients. There are so many reasons to choose Laderma when it comes to plastic surgery. Everything is organised and designed t... More 

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MUDr. Roman Kufa - Perfect Clinic
Laděna  |  2011-03-14
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

Complete changeI have had a lot of time to learn how to live in my unattractive body till I was forty. Of course that I have gone through many different stages of weight reduction and diets. However, even in my skinniest period my drooping and big breasts were everything else than decoration. I have... More 

Anna Haigh

MUDr. Zuzana Černá Ph.D.
Anna Haigh  |  2011-03-11
 |  Prague
  I can't decide

We trawled the net looking for suitable clinics to do my breast reconstruction, being 66 years of age I could not afford any mishaps. South Africa, Spain, England, America were well researched then we discovered Prague and the Laderma Clinic it seamed to be the one. We made contact with Dr. Zuzana C... More 

happy with breast reduction

 |  Dr. Gherissi Anas
Abeerali  |  2018-02-20
 |  Tunis
  It's worth it , Total price: SAR20,000

I'm happy with the result I got it. Many thanks Dr. Anas

Fantastic success with Dr Toncic

 |  Dr. Rajko Tončić
Registered user  |  2018-02-02
 |  Zagreb
  It's worth it , Total price: €4,000

From my first email inquiry to the initial consultation through to the surgery and the post surgery care the service at Dr Toncic clinic was exceptional. All the staff - nurses and administrators - are highly professional and very personable. Dr Rajko Tonci is clearly very experienced, explains ever... More 

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Great results

 |  Dr. Thomas Sinclair
Registered user  |  2017-12-19
 |  Canmore
  It's worth it

I had my procedure two years ago and could not be happier. Dr. Sinclair was professional. I have very minimal visual scarring and nipple sensation has returned.

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feeling well

 |  Dr. med. Mehmet Atila
Registered user  |  2017-11-21
 |  Düsseldorf
  It's worth it

4 Wochen nach meiner Behandlung fühle ich mich schon sehr wohl & bin unglaublich zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Ich würde mich jederzeit wieder von Dr. Atila behandeln lassen & würde ihn ohne Zweifel weiter empfehlen. Google Translate: 4 weeks after my treatment, I feel very well & I am in... More 

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