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The review of patients who have undergone the Breast reduction are priceless. Share your experiences with choosing a doctor , with by a procedure Breast reduction, insert before and after pictures Breast reduction and 370 reviews for pricing Breast reduction. Estheticon offers you 1143 reviews. Below Breast reduction you can discuss and check doctors reviews. If you undergo the Breast reduction yourself, help the others in their decision and type your review.

It's worth it     

After extensive research I chose Forme Clinic for my surgery. Dr Bennes saw pictures of my breasts and tummy and recommended extensive breast reduction (I was a 38GG bra size), lipo and tummy tuck. The medical team is a... More 

Implants removal by 2020

Ax Dr n. med. Lubomir Lembas Warszawa 2019-01-18
Haven't done it yet

Looking to find out as much info as possible on what to do to make sure I have my breasts removed in January 2020

I am an athlete young woman loking for a breast reduction

Reetta dr Wiesław Bieńkowski Bydgoszcz 2018-05-09
Haven't done it yet

I am an athlete young woman and my breasts are really causing me problems. I would be more than happy to get them smaller.

It's worth it     

Alongside my medical practitioners, I decided to have a breast reduction as part of a number of measures to stop back and neck pain that I've been living with for some time. I have two small children, a husband, dogs and... More 

Happy C-Cup Dr. med. Tilman Stasch Nairobi 2018-03-15
It's worth it     

After many years of chronic back pain and stiff neck I decided to finally take the plunge and reduce by 36G bust to something more sane. I planned to go overseas to get it done until I heard of Dr Tilman Stauch and went ... More 

happy with breast reduction

Abeerali Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-02-20
It's worth it     

I'm happy with the result I got it. Many thanks Dr. Anas

Professionalism and great care

IoanaS. Dr. Theodor Motruc Iasi 2018-01-16
It's worth it     

Professionalism and great care of the pacient. I recommend the entire staff for any kind of procedure!

Breast reduction information

Registered user Dr Jacques Buis Paris 2017-09-04
Haven't done it yet

Hello, I need a specialised surgeon for a (BREAST REDUCTION ). Am kinda scared. Is there any negative infect in the future ? thanks

It's worth it     

I went in for breast reduction consultation & the Dr. & her staff were extremely professional, SUPER nice & informative. They were not all about getting the money. They cared more about providing me with the ... More 

It's worth it

Complete changeI have had a lot of time to learn how to live in my unattractive body till I was forty. Of course that I have gone through many different stages of weight reduction and diets. However, even in my skinniest... More 

Fantastic results with Dr Grinsell

Registered user Dr. Damien Grinsell Melbourne 2018-02-02
It's worth it     

Fantastic !!  I'm super happy with my body now, thank you doctor

Great results

It's worth it     

I had my procedure two years ago and could not be happier. Dr. Sinclair was professional. I have very minimal visual scarring and nipple sensation has returned.

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