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Fuller breasts at Formé

SamSam FORMÉ Clinic Prague 2019-02-11
It's worth it     

I underwent breast lift this month and I am pleased with the result. Dr. Krizko gave my breast fuller look and finally I will not be embarrassed to wear bikini in the summer. Thank you again

Fat transfer, Breast augmentation

Haven't done it yet

Would like to know about the procedure with fat transfer at the same time and what to expect after surgery. Price and down time please

Happy with new breasts after Breast lift in Planá/Czech republic

annsie MUDr. Miloš Križko Planá u M.Lázní 2019-07-22
It's worth it     

Dr. Krizko has golden hands. I underwent breast lift and finally i have nice and even breasts what look younger.

Breast lift - sagged breast and uneven breast

Boooohoo Prof. Michel Kadio Richard Accra 2019-05-27
Haven't done it yet

Sagged breast and uneven breast

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