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For ME!!!

Italian Fly Girl Santa Cruz 2017-06-26
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Hell everybody, my name is Grace. I am a 53 year old woman from South Philly; the States. I am not overweight, and as a young child and women I was a gymnastic, earned green belt in Karate, and basically a natural athlet...e. I always kept myself in fairly good shape, and I felt proud of my body. Over the years I've had my ups and downs with weight gain, but I have always managed to go back to my size. It just really depended on what was going on with my life at that time. As women, we have a tendency to put everybody else first. Instead of making the it to the gym we have to make it to the the laundry room! Nevertheless, I noticed over the past year what was normally up had fallen. It was if I woke up from a dream and saw a different person standing in front of the mirror. I kept looking, touching my arms, squeezing the inside of thighs, wondering in amazement when did this happen to me? How did this happen to me? Talking to myself out loud, and wondering why didn't I noticed THIS before. I am a widow of 26 years recently and I kept thinking, "Did Michael noticed all of this.?" Why wouldn't Michael say something? Then I realized my husband always said he loved my body. Yeah, but he could have at least said SOMETHING! I believe (I know) my husband wouldn't have wanted to be in that bathroom with me at that moment! lol I then wrapped the towel around my body and proceed with my day. Only the next day, I saw it again. This went on for months. I began to become more preoccupied with my body's ages. Question everything I put on in the morning or to go out for a late dinner. One day I looked at my mom (75) and said, "Oh my God." I am falling apart. Then one quiet night sitting at the computer working, I unexpectedly began looking for arm and thigh surgery. I was surprised to see the changes in others and the prices appeared to be reasonable. I am an over achiever, so I went into my bathroom and began to look at my butt. My daughter (24) caught me! LOL "Mom," she said excitedly. "What r u doing." I replied, "I am checking out my butt, it used to be up." My daughter laughed. "Mom," she said, "Its okay you're old now and you're allowed to have a saggy butt, but don't worry mom you still look "ho"t for someone your age." "Some of my friends mother are really old looking!" " Your good mom, your "older" and it natural for your body to sag but Don't worry mom, your good, its a part of life." Dad, and I love you just the way you are, we understand and I wouldn't change my crazy mom for any hot other in the world." Yes, my daughter said this to me with a serious and straight face! (This is what a college education or being an only child produced. I really don't want to take the blame for this one). Then she began to compare me to other mothers, and proudly declare me the "hot" mom out of the "old mom" bunch. How nice of her!!!! Well, lets say I gave her a look only a mother could give. My daughter nervously smiled (it was the look I gave her) realized she just made a royal mistake and quickly walked out of the bedroom. That's when I realized. I have provided for my family, my entire life. I am not the best mom but I took care of my husband and my daughter. NOW! I am going to take care of ME!!! I am going to have a few small procedures for me. FOR MYSELF. I plan on having my arms and thighs tightens, my butt lifted and I would like to have my breast raised. However, I am a big busted women (always have been) and I am not sure how that's going to work. I have to say the breast surgery gives me the greatest caused to worry. I remember watching on MTV a young girl going though the procedure and it didn't look so good. The girl cried, cried and cried from the pain. Anyway, this is my journey. My chance to take care of myself. Wish me luck. P.S. My daughter hasn't said one word to me since the bathroom incident. I noticed she did look up the aftercare, and the dangers. That is normal though considering its just the two of us now. However, I am gong to let her sweat it out for a few more days. She literally has no sense! More 

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